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This extensive new partnership , ensures pilots from both VAs have the access to routes fro both continents to enjoy exploring the IF world. We are pleased to have partnered with ANVA.

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New 2021 Trailer

Thanks to our amazing graphics team and others for producing this wonderful Trailer

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Staff Opening - LBM Internal Affairs

After a reshuffle of our Leadership Team, we have decided to open for applicants both internally and externally for a new LBM in our Virtual Airline. This is just part of some of the things we have planned for NSV and cannot wait to share them with you.

This role carries a large amount of power in the VA working alongside and forming part of our Executive Team. Alongside supervising and getting feedback from both pilots and staff in the departments that allow NSV to run smoothly.

Key Duties include :

  • Assisting and acting as the de facto deputy when the CEO is absent
  • Helping with minor admin tasks such as document updating
  • Overseeing Departments
  • Hiring Staff Members
  • Acting as the point of contact for staff and pilot concerns

Thinking about applying to run a Large and established Virtual Airline?

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Just applied to the position!


Good luck everyone! Hope to see you soon!

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I’m proud to be part of the amazing staff team here!

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Hey, As I’m applying for Pilot their is a error every time for callsign

Please help



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Hey which Callsign do you used? A Example for a Callsign is: Lufthansa 144VA


Okay understood


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Hey! I believe you need to fill out this application form (and pass the test) before you sign up on the crew center.


DM me if you need further assistance! I could get things sorted out if the form doesn’t work!

The NSV x UVAL event reaching the east coast

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