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NonStop Virtual Group is a Professionally Oriented Virtual Airline based on the German airline Lufthansa (Whose Name and Logo, Due to Copyright Issues, we are unable to use), with a Vibrant Community and a supportive staff team ready to help you at any time. We aim to be professional in every aspect, as we dedicate Our Time to meeting your needs, expanding your experience, and broadening your virtual horizons. We are also working behind the scenes constantly to not only enhance your inflight experience but equally offer a fun and eye-opening experience in our internal Discord server, including Events, Quizzes, Photo-competition, and so much more!

Though all our Lufthansa Group routes, we offer a huge route database consisting of over 5500 routes (Excluding Codeshares), and a mainline fleet of 36 Aircraft, with 20+ Available Liveries for you to fly in Infinite Flight! We utilize a state of the art Crew Center, custom-built for our pilots. Featuring over 8, 500 routes and more than 3750 codeshare routes, our pilots will have the means to travel the globe while having a professionalized flight logging experience and easily being able to find flights to fly.

Through Fun and Original events, common group flights and flash flights organized by our Events Managers, together with our friendly Community and Dedicated staff, we offer a VA atmosphere that truly feels like family. Our journey is only just beginning, and we would love for you to be a part of it!

Want to apply for staff ?

IFVARB and have a look at what’s available! We hope to see you soon in the NSV Team!

To continue our rapid progress and growth as a Virtual Airline, we have decided to introduce a new system to our Virtual Airline: Miles & More, now available in our Virtual Airlines!
Through our Crew Center, we track events attended per pilot, which translates to priorities at events hosted and sponsored by NonStop Virtual!

Our Inspiration, Lufthansa, operates and fully owns many Airlines under its name, such as Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa Regional and many more! We incorporated all those airlines into NonStop Virtual. All pilots can enjoy flights operated by all of those airlines. With our aforementioned expansive route database, our pilots will never find themselves bored. All flights can be found in our Crew Center Schedule. Since we operate a lot of Airline, we’ll choose the most challenging and Entertaining Flights to be featured in our Slack Server in Parallel with the IFATC schedule to allow our pilots to enjoy their Service. There won’t be any day without a Featured Flight of the Day to an ATC controlled airport!

Virtual Airlines Part of NonStop Virtual:

Brussels Airlines Virtual is a Virtual Airlines based on the Belgian flag carrier Brussels Airlines. BRUVA was formed in May 2019 and commenced operations in October 2019 with a wide range of routes across Europe, Africa and the United States operating the A320, its little brother the A319 as well as the A330.

Since February 2020 Brussels Airlines Virtual is proud to be part of the NonStop Virtual Group.

NonStop Virtual is an Official Airline part of Star Alliance Virtual. Pilots will therefore be able to fly more Airlines with even more Routes! Being part of Star Alliance Virtual extends our routes and aircraft database even more! Special Events with a reserved spot for NonStop Virtual pilots aren’t an exception!

Star Alliance Virtual Thread

While we were closed we worked hard to create a new crew center. Our new crew center features many new features from an ACARS system to a live flight map.

Crew Center Features
  • Manual PIREP filling
  • Complete route search
  • Logbook containing all of your PIREPs
  • ACARS system for automatic PIREP filling
  • Live map containing live NSV flights
  • Upcoming events page to keep track and sign up for all future events
  • Pilot home containing all information about you along with a news feed
  • Leave of Absence page allowing to request an LOA

With our rank system at Non-Stop Virtual, we don’t limit the type of aircraft you can fly but rather the length of the flight. Every new rank unlocks a new world to explore.

Junior: 0-20 hours
Permitted to fly regional routes

Second Officer: 20-65 hours
Permitted to fly short-haul routes

First Officer: 65-115 hours
Permitted to fly medium-haul routes

Captain: 115-200 hours
Permitted to fly long haul routes

Senior Captain: 200-500 hours
Permitted to fly ultra long haul routes

Gold Status: 500-800 hours

Blue Status: 800-1,300 hours

Grey Status: 1,300+ hours

Our fleet here at Non-Stop Virtual can take you around the globe Non-Stop! Ranging from regional aircraft to long-haul aircraft no matter how you like to fly we have an aircraft for you.

View Fleet

Following Real-World Lufthansa codeshares, we came to a Codeshare Agreement with a numerous amount of airlines! Our Partnerships and Codeshare Agreements allow us to discover even more of the world.

Virgin Virtual

United Virtual

Alaska Virtual

Air India Virtual

Sas Virtual

Avianca Virtual

Singapore Virtual

Air Canada Virtual

If there’s one thing you’ll love at NSV are our joint events! We tour the globe and discover some great places in our VA community and with the Infinite Flight Community!

We only have One Requirement, that you have to be Grade 2 or higher! Otherwise, whether you are an Infinite Flight OG or completely new to the community, you will be more than welcome in our VA. When applying, make sure to always check your e-mail for a discord invitation. You can expect the following:

1) A welcome message from a staff member
2) A reminder to schedule your flight assessment
3) A reminder to view your digital copy of our guidelines
4) Flying through Germany and the globe, Non. Stop.

Please allow us time to get your application through, there will be many joining and have been waiting patiently as well, thank you for your consideration


Hey @LuftyVirtual,

I’m more than happy of this announcement, i’m happy to help NSV in some project and hope that NSV go re-have the same succes than before !

Please don’t hesitate to come or come back on the NSV !

I can’t wait to see you soon ;)

Baptiste Desmet


Happy to be staff here at NSV. Can’t wait to see where this VA goes!


Glad to see this great VA finally reopen after what can be described as a uphill battle! Thanks go to @Pertonics and @Zach007 for your hard work in the last 14 days whilst our CEO is dealing with some issues outside of his control. Look forward to the future of NSV.


I’ll make sure to join! Great thread guys!


Yes my absolute FAVORITE va back and reopened. I am so glad to have been a pilot with NSV for a year now and I am still gaining more and more hours!!


Awesome thread guys!


I just applied! Can’t wait 😂


Great job Guys especially for the staff team for all the credits and efforts. Another Chapter for NSV in 2021. See you in the skies.


Just applied! Can’t wait to hopefully fly with y’all soon.

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I applied by mistake can someone redraw the application, please? Thanks

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Yes you can. I will make sure the team has it noted.


I’ve applied!


So happy we are back!!! Glad to be apart!


I applied! I can’t wait to rejoin!

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Very nice thread! Wish you all the best.

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Thanks all for your kind words so far. We all can’t wait to see you flying in the IF skies.

  • NSV Executive Team

Let’s get the party started!


Just applied!


Applied! :]