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NonStop Virtual was built of hard work and dedication. The staff team here strive to make each individual’s experience unique and worthwhile whilst empowering and supporting each and every pilot with a large array of resources to improve their flight skills and even more moral support with a vibrant and supportive community both on Slack and IFC. NSV isn’t just a Virtual Airline we are a family who have each others back though thick and thin.”

NonStop Virtual Prides it self in being a Virtual Airline with foundations build with hard work and a love for avaiation. We aim to professional in every aspect, as we dedicate our time to meeting your needs, and expanding your experience and broadening virtual horizons, we’re also working behind the scenes to enhance your flights but equally offer a fun and eye opening experience in are internal slack server with Quizzes, Group flights and much more!

We are inspired by Lufthansa as a result , we offer a large range of routes and aircraft. We also have several partnerships in place both real life and non-realistic to benefit our pilots by providing codeshares routes and aircraft. More on are partners is below the thread,

We offer one of the best VA experiences with fun events and much more to come within the VA. Here at NonStop we are a family, and we are here for you! With an active community, and dedicated staff, NonStop Virtual was made to benefit the community. Our goal is to welcome you to a new breed of VA, a bright future is ahead for us, and we would love to see you apart of it!

We value simplicity a lot hence why are dynamic and close staff team mirrors the simple but hard working ethos we employ here at NSV. Which keeps you free of headaches and more time in those infinite skies! Our dedicated team is here to support and encourage you on your journey as you Travel The World! See an open spot? Want to help make NSV better? Then feel free to apply!

Name IFC Tag Position
Owen @OC212 President
John @Jmacd20 Deputy President
Philipos @Moonlit Vice President
Ben @Benjwri Flight Manager
Norbert @Capt.SkyWalker Senior Chief Pilot
Karlis @latvia Chief Pilot
Ahmad @Ahmad_Hijazi Events Manager
Cole @AsternDestroyer Routes Manager
Sammy @BazzarCoffee Routes Manager

We operate large array of aircraft at NSV, we use almost all major commercial aircraft provided in Infinite Flight! Check these out below:

Lufthansa Lufthansa Cargo Aerologic Cargo

Please look at Ranks for a more detailed view.

Singapore Virtual


Singapore Virtual is based in Asia, which gives the opportunity to explore this awesome region! ## Thread Singapore Virtual: Official Thread || A Great Way To Fly

Virgin Virtual Group

Virgin Virtual is a great airline that provides a lot of routes in Australia, America and Canada. It’s great to offer this variety to our pilots! ## Thread Virgin Virtual Group | Join the Best

Alaska Virtual

We’re so glad to partner with @alaskavirtualairline! This provides new opportunities for our pilots to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Alaska and America. ## Thread Alaska Virtual | Creating A Virtual Airline People Love

Swiss International Airlines Virtual


This exciting new partnership will bring a new and exciting variety of routes and aircraft to both Virtual Airlines pilots and staff members. By means of real life routes as part of the Lufthansa Group. Everyone at NSV looks forward to working with the staff over at SIVA to produce some outstanding events and community projects. ## Thread SWISS International Virtual Airline Official Thread - Connecting the World Through Excellence.

United Virtual


Dawn of a New Era . A new partnership will be introduced on April 1st. NSV and United Virtual are happy to connect, to expand our routes and to explore more in Europe and US soil. ## Thread United Virtual l Continuing the Legacy

Our ranking system is what some may call challenging and others may call easy, come find out! Either way you will not be disappointed with a large array of aircraft per rank,

Rank Hours Aircraft
Junior Pilot 00:00 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 // Bombardier CRJ900
First Officer 15:00 Embraer E190 // A319
Senior First Officer 30:00 Airbus A320 // 737-700BBJ
Captain 75:00 Airbus A330 // Airbus A340
Senior Captain 125:00 Boeing 777F [Lufthansa Cargo & AeroLogic]
ATP First Officer 200:00 McDonnell Douglas MD-11F
ATP Captain 300:00 Boeing 747-400 // Boeing 747-8i
ATP Senior Captain 500:00 Airbus A380-800

Status Ranks

Rank Hours Advantages
Bronze Status 500:00 Exec Lounge
Silver Status 1000:00 Internal Manager [Access to internal event opportunities]
Gold Status 2500:00 Slack Mod [Selected]

NonStop Virtual offers careers to those who take aviation seriously. Once joining, you can check out a composed list of real-life Lufthansa routes. According to what rank you are, you can fly realistically, and professionally for NonStop Virtual. Career mode is instantly unlocked once joining NonStop.

Careers at NonStop can come in all shapes and sizes. From being a Cargo Vet, to a Commercial Cptn, the options are endless. With this we’re finally releasing new careers!

Fanatic Flyer

The Fanatic Flyer Career Chapter is unlocked along with the ATP First Officer Rank. Okay, so what is this new Fanatic Flyer you ask? Pilots can add new routes to our database. These routes can be short, medium or long haul, and from any destination! Sound chaotic? Not to worry! These routes aren’t always permanent. Only Fanatic Flyer’s can add and fly these routes.

Leading Member

Our Leading Member Career Chapter is one of our most advanced. This is unlocked once obtaining the ATP Captain Rank. Leading Member’s are select members of NonStop, who show leadership skills, activity, and aviation expertise (to an extent), they’re rewarded with Slack Moderator Promotion, and have the ability to test beta routes that the VA will add for the better of our pilots.

Lufthansa Legends

Personally, I like this one a lot . Lufthansa Legends Career Chapter takes you on a journey like no other! Instead of unlocking by rank, you unlock by Challenges! Staff members will post weekly challenges, completing 6 Weeks of Challenges can reward with a status, badge, new routes, and more!

NonStop Virtual is reintroducing the infamous callsign organizer! To those wondering what this is, you can check it out below (Note: These callsigns relate to pilots, as staff members will remained in an organized fashion) :

NonStop Main Hubs

Non Stop Mimics Lufthansa’s main hubs Frankfurt ( EDDF) and Munich (EDDM)

If there’s one thing you’ll love at NSV is our regular events! We tour the globe and discover some great places in our VA community and with the Infinite Flight Community! Here they are!

NonStop Destinations: NonStop Virtual’s Iconic Event Series that take both you and our pilots on an awe-inspiring journey across the globe every Sunday. We visit some of the most popular, unknown and jaw-dropping beauties the world has to offer!

Worldwide Wednesday: WW (Worldwide Wednesday) is our weekly event where we randomly pick a route, and an aircraft, and we challenge our pilots to fly that route. This is fair play, pilots can take necessary stops to reach the destination. After logging the flight, the pilot will receive points that can be redeemed towards items, rewards, and privileges.

Short Haul Saturday: Short hauls are key to NSV operations, and become truly unique when it comes to destinations. Every saturday, we take our pilots on realistic flights throughout the globe.

A Day In The Life: ADITL is possibly NSV’s most realistic experience. Every tuesday we take our pilots on historic, mesmerizing, and pioneering flights, that changed aviation. We take things to the extreme as we resemble a day in the life of some amazing pilots.

Historic Routes are those, that helped shape Lufthansa into one of the worlds leading airlines it is today. Flying these routes, let’s pilots step back in time and follow the footsteps, in which Lufthansa’s forefathers undertook. These routes exemplify iconic aircraft and destinations, and offer our pilots the chance to gain experience and hours to use towards climbing the ranks, here at NSV!


NonStop University

-Aviation Like Never Before-

The Idea

With so many great pilots, and more pilots doing so well taking flight assessments, we decided that a virtual facility would be great for new pilots, and IFC members! We’ve put together some great ideas and policies to insure NonStop University can be the right place for you!

How Does It Work?

NSU is divided into facilities to help pilots grow in certain areas. Our educators , lead by our Chief Pilot, will release “lesson plans” (Digital Handouts and Quizzes). Passing your quizzes and reviewing lesson plans can better your chances of passing the classes at NSU.

Sound Boring?

Well no need to worry! Passing your classes with a high enough score can reward with some cool badges and 15+ hours (varies on your scores). NonStop University will become an official branch to NonStop Virtual, and will be available to any pilots from partnered VA’s. We can’t wait to open and help grow you’re aviation experience.


  • Since NSU is a program, is it free? Of Course!
  • Can I be apart of NSU without being a NSU Pilot You can still sign up, but you’ll be qualified and registered as a NSV Pilot
  • Will these ‘classes’ be live? No, classes will be available for independent review
  • Will any Infinite Flight related assessments be involved? When comes to jumping on to IF Live, and being assessed by our Educators, this will vary on you’re entry skill and other appropriate actions

Sign Up Now!

NonStop University is made by us, for you. Want to be an educator? Sign Ups coming really soon! When You Fly NonStop Virtual, you unlock a new level of flight. NSV is built for everyone, whether you like GA, Commercial, or Military, we offer special Route Of The Week opportunities for our pilots! Join Us today!


There are none! Whether you’re an Infinite Flight OG, or a new member on the community, we welcome you to explore and discover the world! Upon joining NSV, you should expect the following:

1) A welcome message from a staff member
2) Your personal callsign, along with your badge
3) A reminder to schedule your flight assessment
4) A reminder to view your digital copy of our guidelines
5) Flying through Germany and the globe, NonStop

Still not sure you want to join us?

NonStop Virtual is always growing our routes, fleet, and our family! Being a member provides you with a great experience, and a greater journey!



Great thread! Im so happy that i joined!


We are glad to have you join too! We look forward to see you climbing the ranks very soon!

Great thread, guys. :)


Nice thread guys, nice to see that you guys are still in the VA @Moonlit and @Capt.SkyWalker.


Great to see this quality thread up, very happy to be staff for this VA!

Thanks for the message @TheWalkingFruit, yep we’re still here and going active! however, perhaps a PM would’ve been more appropriate for the feedback? 🙂


What a lovely thread! We at VGVA are honored to be in such an amazing partnership with you guys!



NSV Photo Competition

Welcome to NonStop Virtual! This is our own photo competition every weekend we will be choosing the best 3-5 pics and give the winners a special reward. We hope that you enjoy the pics!

Here are the Top 3 Snaps from this week NSV’S Internal Photo Competition:





Which photo did you like the most? Leave your comments down below!


Thanks guys :) I love all of the pictures… including my own :)


NSV is proud to be sponsoring,participating and endorsing @Matthew_20204 Frankfurt flyout! Sign up using the link below!


NSV Photo Competition

Welcome to NonStop Virtual! This is our own photo competition every weekend we will be choosing the best 3-5 pics and give the winners a special reward. We hope that you enjoy the pics!

Here are the Top 3 Snaps from this week NSV’S Internal Photo Competition:





Which photo did you like the most? Leave your comments down below!


Thanks again guys :) . Loved seeing my picture up again :) and loved seeing everyone else’s pictures :)


Can’t believe I have got a picture here I have been with NSV a few days but I am enjoying my time here already it’s a great to be part of this VA


Thanks for liking my photo! :)


Congratulations @TRIavgeekMandy @Rob_Shore @Vemund_Sperstad and @Joshua_Wentailor :-) Awesome Pictures :-)


Thanks @Capt.SkyWalker! :)

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NSV Photo Competition # 2

Welcome to NonStop Virtual! This is our own photo competition every weekend we will be choosing the best 3-5 pics and give the winners a special reward. We hope that you enjoy the pics!

Here are the Top 4 Snaps from this week NSV’S Internal Photo Competition:


George Anderson



Which photo did you like the most? Leave your comments down below!

Want to join NonStop Virtual? Here’s our thread!

Non Stop Virtual | Inspired by Lufthansa | VA


Hello I recently switched handset and lost the group link in Slack, my callsign is NSV1118T, could you help me?

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Please try to login to slack again if you have the password. If not drop me a message and i will supply you with a link to create a new account.


| Apply |

Nonstop Virtual is searching for a talented and well spoken individual to fill the role of Routes Manager and to join a vibrant and versatile team of staff members that keep NSV up and running.

Some of the tasks that the successful applicant would be taking on would be expected to complete:

  • Updating routes both mainline and codeshares
  • Assisting with the moderation of pireps being filed,
  • Assisting with the production and implementation of new projects
  • Being able to announce Feature routes and Friday Night Flights (FNF)
  • Monitoring the slack workspace and ensuring all pilots are equally treated and respected,

The Requirements for the candiante to be considered are as follows:

  • Basic Understanding of Document management

*An Understanding of Slack,

*Being able to be available on slack daily for 1-2 hours at a minimum.

Do you feel you can fill this role? If so please apply by clicking on the ‘Apply’ Button at the top or bottom of this post and simply fill out the form that it directs you to

| Apply |