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net-resizeimage Lufthansa Virtual is back! We are now Nonstop Virtual
Welcome back, to the most modern and best virtual airline in Infinite Flight. Our team and pilots are among the best in Infinite Flight through our own training program.

What you need to join

We would love to welcome you on board of the Nonstop Virtual Family but there are some requirements you have to comply with:
We recommend you to have an active Pro-membership and not to be a member of annother VA at the same time.
You will get a lot of FUN!

net-resizeimage Why we call us Nonstop Virtual?
Why we call us Nonstop Virtual. As some of you know, Lufthansa does not allow to name virtual airlines after the real one. As we do not want to get you or us into trouble, we decided to call our VA Nonstop Virtual. We hope you understand that :)

net-resizeimage What has changed? What you can expect?
Over the past six months we have changed a lot. Firtsly we have completely renewed our website with a reorganized Login-System. Now we offer every pilot training lessons in flying, communicating and navigating. Thanks to the great Global Update we can offer a lot more routes from our two hubs: Frankfurt and Munich. Furthermore we have expanded our scope of duties and have now formed a Group consisting of Nonstop Virtual Airlines, Nonstop Virtual Cargo, Nonstop Virtual Hansa Line, Nonstop Virtual Academy and Nonstop Virtual Air Traffic. These are based on Lufthansa Passage Airlines, Lufthansa Cargo, Lufthansa Cityline and on the European Flight Academy.

The Nonstop Group

Nonstop Ranks


Junior Staff Pilot (JP): 0 Nonstop Miles
At your very first days in our VA you will be trained and tested on flying, communicating and operational procedures.

First Officer (FO): After passing your test
This rank allows you to fly every short-haul aircraft out of our two hubs.

Senior First Officer (SFO): After 10.000 Nonstop Miles
This rank allows you to fly every short-haul aircraft and the A330/A340 aswell as the B77F.

Captain (CPT): After 60.000 Nonstop Miles
This rank allows you to fly every short- and long-haul aircraft.

Training Captain (CPT): These are chosen by staff
This rank allows you to train Junior Staff Pilots (JP).

Fleet Chief (CPT): These are chosen by staff
This rank allows you to train Senior First Officers (SFO) and Captains (CPT).

net-resizeimage Nonstop Service

The Nonstop Fleet

At Nonstop Virtual we can offer you a great variety of aircraft. Our fleet consists of these aircraft types:

Airbus A319
Airbus A320
Airbus A321
Airbus A330
Airbus A340
Airbus A380

Boeing 747-400
Boeing 747-8
Boeing 777-F

Dash-8 Q-400

Embraer 190
Embraer 195

MD-11 Lufthansa Cargo
MD-11 Martinair Cargo

The Nonstop Team

Speedy | Leader Nonstop Virtual | @5pe3dy
Caspar Wamik | Deputy Leader Nonstop Virtual | @Casa
Malte Evers | Leader Nonstop Virtual Cargo |
Brandon Busch | Leader Nonstop Virtual Academy |

The Nonstop Inflight Service

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net-resizeimage Nonstop Routes
From our two hubs: Frankfurt and Munich, we operate over 250 routes to 107 countries so the world is literally yours.
Here you can find a overview of all our destinations!



Best of luck to your VA!

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Very nice! Good luck!


Any staff position for me?

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Sure, we have some. PM me

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Nice website!

@MishaCamp they have both 🦄 and ✈️


Huh? It may be because I just woke up, but are you saying that they have unicorns? I’m confused.

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Graphic from our Career Website :D


Oooh! That makes sense. Thank you.

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That policy seems a bit harsh, and might turn a lot of people away. Would you care to explain why you chose that?


The management team had the desire. If our pilots want to fly for us they should of course have an Infinite Flight Pro Subscription. You can also join if you don’t have one, but we recommend it. Thread was updated


This instrest me very much, I am apart of another VA the USCG, with it being military and not a commercial airline would I be able to join?

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Sure always. For military and small clubs, it is of course no problem. And we just recommend to be in one virtual airline. :) Have a look:

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I think @Reedgreat was talking about baring your members from being in other VAs.


Have a look in our updated thread. You can see that we just recommend to be in one virtual airline

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I do like Lufthansa too…


I would like to join too as I was in the old Lufthansa VIRTUAL, the point is I am currently a bit busy with Alitalia VA as I am the COO of it.
School isnt relaxing right now so I have a lot of things to do in this period, but I wish you to become even bigger and greater as the older Lufthansa!
Good luck also from Alitalia VA’s staff!


Very kind of you ;) Good luck for Alitalia VA.


If I fly on Nonstop, I’m definitely going to try that Hipp baby water. 👌


I’ve sent application for the VA.