Nonstop Virtual Group // Inspired By Lufthansa // NSV Turning 1!

Hey! @Humars
Full names are required as we strive to be professional, date of birth is to validate you are infact the age requirement. We don’t ask any other ‘personal infomation’ in are knowledge. Of course if someone has an issue with filling out the form they can contact up via IFC or the email address. I hope that can answer you question/statement anymore questions drop is a PM

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Alright, thanks for the reply.

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Photo Competition

Welcome to NonStop Virtual! We will be choosing the best pics from our photo competition every week and give the eventual winners a special reward. We hope that you enjoy the pics!


Announcing our New Miles & More System!

To continue our rapid progress and growth as a Virtual Airline, we have decided to introduce a new system to our Virtual Airline: Miles & More, now available in our Virtual Airlines!

Through our Crew Center, we track miles flown by every pilot, and have developed a priority ranking system. Here it is in detail:

Miles & More Ranks
  1. Membership (Blue): Access to NSV/Star Alliance lounge, 30 minutes added to all event PIREPs
  2. Frequent Traveller (Silver): 45 minutes added to event PIREPs, event gate reservations
  3. Senator (Gold): 1 hour added to event PIREPs, priority pushback
  4. HON Circle (Black): 2 hours added to event PIREPs

Nonstop Virtual Lounge

The new Nonstop Virtual lounge includes plenty of attractions for our Miles & More members! Among some of the advantages are the following: live music, live news feed, and live tutorials to help you with your flying!

Here is a sneak peek below!

Do you want to experience all this and more?

Apply Today!


Do I have to have Vatsim ID and a IVAO ID to join. I don’t have Vatsim and idk what IVAO is. Also what is the best hub for a mix of all the route types

Hey @Pertonics! IVAO and Vatsim aren’t required but it is an extra option if you have them! If you drop an email to a member of the team will get in touch regarding the best hub. In my opinion however EDDF is the biggest and best😉

Ok I can’t wait I filled out my applacation

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Liking the New Thread!


Upcoming NSV Events!

At Nonstop Virtual Group, we pride ourselves on frequent events to offer our pilots variation in their flights along with having fun, which it is all about! Our latest event is a Eurowings-operated flight to Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, along with our partner @UnitedVirtual! We can’t wait!

We encourage all NSV and UVA pilots, as well as all interested IFC members to sign up! You can do so by clicking the link below:


So glad to see the VA I founded still thriving and growing! Keep up the amazing work guys!


Welcoming new staff!

To continue our rapid progress and growth as a Virtual Airline, we have decided to once again to restructure the main two departments in the VA.

In Flight Management, we are pleased to announce the addition of 2 New Flight Managers to aid the current flight manager. Due to the vast number of PIREPs filed daily continuing to rise, we have decided to remove our in house validation channel to randomised spot checks. This is both to benefit our pilots and also our flight supervision team so they can focus on updating our large number of routes.

So welcome @ADDY28 and @Liam_Kirk to the flight supervision team!

Now onto the Events Department, alongside @Ahmad_Hijazi our long serving events manager we have decided to hire a new events manager for IFC and another for our more regular internal events.
So welcome @InfiniteNick and @Mateomaxt to the team!

Frankfurt Flyout

We are looking forward to our Frankfurt Flyout on the 28th September with several of our partners!
Why not sign up? Link below :)

NSV Turns 1!

Non Stop Virtual is fast approaching its first anniversary! Watch IFC for events, new projects and perhaps a new thread 😉

All in all we’ve had a good year with reaching the milestone of 100 Active Pilots and some ground breaking projects! We can’t wait to show you what we have lined up when we turn one!

Do you want to experience all this and more?

Apply Today!


Happy birthday!!

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Announcing our New Partnership with @aviancavirtualgroup

To continue our rapid progress and growth as a Virtual Airline, we have decided to introduce a new Partnership with Avianca Virtual.

This new partnership will bring new routes to the stunning scenery of the South Amercia Region and also the ability to share both the European and South Amercian Regions through breathtaking and innovating events.

We look foward to the future with @aviancavirtualgroup

Want to join Avianca Virtual? Here’s the thread!


Love the thread guys


That’s great thread guys live it

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NonStop to Cosford!

Are Senior Advisor @OC212 is on his way to Cosford- aslong as he can leave the hospital😂! Alongside Owen, a few pilots such as @Lars will be attending. We hope to see you there!


Thanks who ever is behind the account today 😂
As long as they is no big incidents i should be off duty at 6. And arrive at 9pm ish

EW9330 EDDL-EGBB. Will be a fun weekend