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NonStop Virtual Group is a Professionally Oriented Virtual Airline based on the German airline Lufthansa (Whose Name and Logo, Due to Copyright Issues, we are Unable to use), with a Vibrant Community and a supportive staff team ready to help you at any time. We aim to be Professional in every aspect, as we dedicate Our Time to meeting your needs, expanding your experience and broadening your virtual horizons. We’re also working behind the scenes constantly to not only enhance your inflight experience but equally offer a fun and eye opening experience in are internal slack server, including Quizzes, Group Flights and much more!

Though all our Lufthansa Group routes, we offer a huge route database consisting of over 5500 routes (Excluding Codeshares), and a mainline fleet of 36 Aircraft , with 20+ Available Liveries for you to fly in Infinite Flight! We utilize a state of the art Crew Center, custom built for our pilots. Featuring over 8, 500 routes and more than 3750 codeshare routes, our pilots will have the means to travel the globe, while having a professionalized flight logging experience and easily being able to find flights to fly.

Through Fun and Original events, common group flights and flash flights organized by our Events Managers, together with our friendly Community and Dedicated staff, we offer a VA atmosphere that truly feels like Family. Our journey is only just beginning, and we would love for you to be a part of it!

Statement by @Jake_Savage

On behalf of all of us at Nonstop Virtual, I extend you the warmest welcome. We are pleased you have chosen to join us and cannot wait for you to join us in the skies.

Nonstop Virtual is an excellent organisation, and it is our mission to make you feel welcome and valued in our community.

Our core values define what we are about as a VA, and how we operate, community, co-operation, value, excitement and nonstop. We are Nonstop Virtual, we are proud to be Nonstop Virtual, and we will always be Nonstop Virtual.

We offer over 7000 routes 20+ liveries and growing community of 200+ members, covering all inhabited continents across a range of current and heritage aircraft, what’s not to love? what’s not to enjoy? What’s stopping you signing up today?

We cannot wait to welcome you to our community

NonStop Virtual Group has grown to a tremendous amount and I can’t way to see it grow even more. Considering joining NonStop Virtual? Great! Because here at NonStop Virtual, we don’t ust connect Germany, we connect the world!

Setting NonStop Virtual apart from the other VAs, we offer Careers to those who take aviation seriously, while also offering Several Awards and perks along the way. As soon as you join, you will have the possibility of flying a Huge Variety of Lufthansa Group routes realistically, in a Professional Environment!

We also offer Several Awards for our top pilots. From our Fanatic Flyer Award, which allows you to Add routes to the Database (which is not always permanent) to our highest award of NSV Gold Status, the Possibilities are Endless. We invite you to join us and see what we have to offer!

For More Details on Careers, See Below:

Fanatic Flyer

The Fanatic Flyer Career Chapter is unlocked along with the First Officer Rank. Okay, so what is this New Fanatic Flyer you ask? Pilots can add New Routes to our database. These routes can be Short, Medium or Long Haul, and from any destination! Sound chaotic? Not to worry! These routes aren’t always Permanent. Only Fanatic Flyer’s can add and fly these routes by approval of the Route Managers,

Leading Member

Our Leading Member Career Chapter is one of our most advanced. This is unlocked once obtaining the Senior Captain Rank. Leading Member’s are select members of NonStop, who show leadership skills, activity, and aviation expertise (to an extent), they’re rewarded with Slack Moderator Promotion, and have the Ability to test Beta Routes that the VA will add for the better of our pilots.

Lufthansa Legends

Lufthansa Legends Career Chapter takes you on a journey like no other! Instead of unlocking by rank, you unlock by Challenges! Staff Members will post Weekly Challenges, completing 6 Weeks of Challenges can reward with a Status, Badge, New Routes, and More

While NSV has undergone several staff structure changes, the NSV Staff Team has grown even stronger together. Every Staff Member is very capable in their duties and is a responsible and mature ambassador for the VA. Through our new Departmental Structure we have Introduced a structure that enables the VA to run more efficiently alongside colour coded badges for each Department! Our Dedicated Team is here to support and encourage you on your journey as you Travel The World!

Executive Team
IFC Name Role
@Jake_Savage Lead Board Member
@OC212 Chief of Staff
@Mike_Lima_Tango Head of Internal Affairs
@Krypton Chief Operations Officer
@Captain_George_IF Director of Human Resources
@DARKY Director of Communication and Events
@MaximV Chief Pilot and Advisor
@Moonlit Advisor
@KingWings Advisor
@NorAviator97 Advisor
@Darpan Executive
@Capt.SkyWalker Executive
Operations Department
Flight Department
IFC Name Role
@Krypton Line Manager
TBC Head of Department
@TweetyFlights Flight Manager
@Partykiller99 Flight Manager
@cptlogue Flight Manager
@Marcel001 Flight Manager
@Benjwri Flight Manager
Routes Department
IFC Name Role
@Krypton Line Manager
@Georges180305 Head of Department
@CaptainMax Route Manager
@Captain_saremi Route Manager
HR Department
IFC Name Role
@Captain_George_IF Line Manager
@InfiniteAviation06 Head of Department
Events Department
IFC Name Role
@DARKY Line Manager
Media and Graphics Department
IFC Name Role
@marcelschmidt Graphics Manager
@Maximilian1805 Video Content Creator
Dominik Graphics Team
Jan Graphics Team


NonStop Virtual has always strived for innovation and with this aim in mind alongside trying to provide a thorough and comprehensive experience to our members. We have decided to launch a custom app which members can access crew centre features and more from a app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android!

NSV App Example Images


Our Rank System uses a Haul System in which each New Rank unlocks a new type of Haul, whether it is Short Haul, Medium Haul, or Long Haul. Is it difficult, is it easy? Come and find out!

Crew Centre Example Images


Miles And More Programs

To continue our rapid progress and growth as a Virtual Airline, we have decided to introduce a new system to our Virtual Airline: Miles & More, now available in our Virtual Airlines!

Through our Crew Center, we track events attended per pilot, which translates to priorities at events hosted and sponsored by NonStop Virtual.

Miles & More Ranks
  1. Membership (Blue): Access to NSV/Star Alliance lounge, 30 minutes added to all event PIREPs ( 3 Events Attended)
  2. Frequent Traveller (Silver): 45 minutes added to event PIREPs, Event Gate Reservations
  3. Senator (Gold): 1 hour added to event PIREPs, Priority Pushback
  4. HON Circle (Black): 2 hours added to event PIREPs

Though all our Lufthansa Group routes, we can offer a huge route database consisting of over 6500 routes (excluding codeshares), and a mainline fleet of 36 aircraft with 20+ available liveries for you to fly in Infinite Flight! Through our extensive Codeshare Fleet, meanwhile, we can truly circumnavigate the globe with over 70 different aircraft in our fleet!

Want to Know More About Our Fleet? Here’s Our Fleet Page!

NonStop University

Pilot Education At Its Finest

With so many great pilots, and more pilots doing so well taking Flight Assessments, we decided that a virtual facility would be great for New Pilots, and IFC members! We’ve put together some great ideas and policies to ensure NonStop University can be the right place for you!

NSU is divided into facilities to help pilots grow in certain areas. Our educators , lead by our Pilot Education Team, will release “lesson plans” (Digital Handouts and Quizzes). Passing your quizzes and reviewing lesson plans can better your chances of passing the classes at NSU.

Passing classes are rewarded with different rewards, from flight multipliers to special events! NSU is an official branch of NonStop Virtual

  • Since NSU is a program, is it free? Of Course!
  • Can I be apart of NSU without being a NSV Pilot You can still sign up, but you’ll be qualified and registered as a NSV Pilot
  • Will these classes’ be on live? No, classes will be available for Independent Review
  • Will any Infinite Flight related assessments be involved? When comes to jumping on to IF Live, and being assessed by our Educators, this will vary on your entry skill and other appropriate actions

Our Inspiration, Lufthansa, operates and fully owns many Airlines under its name, such as Austrian, Eurowings, Brussels, Lufthansa Regional and many more. We wanted to incorporate those airlines into our VA and so we have! All pilots can enjoy flights operated by all of those airlines. With our aforementioned expansive route database, our pilots will never find themselves bored. All flights can be found in our Crew Center Schedule. And Every Sunday, we’ll choose the most challenging and Entertaining Flights to be featured in our Slack Server in Parallel with the IFATC schedule to allow our pilots to enjoy their Service.

Star Alliance Virtual

Being a part of Star Alliance Virtual gives us access to many codeshare routes and events for our pilots to enjoy. For more information, visit the Star Alliance Virtual thread below.

Star Alliance Virtual Thread

Our Partnerships and Codeshare Agreements allow us to discover even more of the world.

United Virtual

Dawn of a New Era. NSV and United Virtual are happy to connect, to expand our routes and to explore more on European and American soil.

United Virtual Thread

Virgin Virtual Group

We are very happy to partner with Virgin Virtual, thus providing us with a lot of routes in Australia, the United States and Canada, further diversifying our route network!

Virgin Virtual Thread

Singapore Virtual

Singapore Virtual is based in Asia, allowing us to discover this amazing region!

Singapore Virtual Thread

Air India Virtual

Our partnership with Air India Virtual allows us to not only discover more of the fascinating subcontinent of India, but also more of Asia!

Air India Thread

Alaska Virtual

This partnership provides new opportunities for our pilots to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Alaska and the United States!

Alaska Virtual Thread

Avianca Virtual

To continue our rapid progress and growth as a Virtual Airline, we have decided to introduce a new Partnership with Avianca Virtual.

This new partnership will bring new routes to the stunning scenery of the South Amercia Region and also the ability to share both the European and South Amercian Regions through breathtaking and innovating events.

We look foward to the future with @aviancavirtualgroup

[Avainca Virtual Thread ]
(Avianca Virtual Group | Official Thread)

Air Canada Virtual

Through our newest partnership with Air Canada Virtual, we discover the beautiful scenery of Canada! This will also give pilots an opportunity to attend some breathtaking ACVA-NSV Joint Events.

Air Canada Virtual Thread

SAS Virtual

Through our newest partnership with SAS Virtual, we discover the beautiful scenery of Scandinavia! This will also give pilots an opportunity to collaborate with SAS-NSV Joint Events.

SAS Virtual Thread

If there’s one thing you’ll love at NSV is our regular events! We tour the globe and discover some great places in our VA community and with the Infinite Flight Community! Here they are!

NonStop Destinations

NonStop Destinations: NonStop Virtual’s Iconic Event Series that take both you and our pilots on an awe-inspiring journey across the globe every Sunday. We visit some of the most popular, unknown and jaw-dropping beauties the world has to offer!

Want to see a example of the NSV Destinations Event Series? Click Here!

Worldwide Wednesday

Worldwide Wednesday: WW (Worldwide Wednesday) is our weekly event where we randomly pick a route, and an aircraft, and we challenge our pilots to fly that route. This is fair play, pilots can take necessary stops to reach the destination. After logging the flight, the pilot will receive points that can be redeemed towards items, rewards, and privileges.

Short Haul Saturday

Short Haul Saturday: Short hauls are key to NSV operations, and become truly unique when it comes to destinations. Every Saturday, we take our pilots on realistic flights throughout the globe

A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life: ADITL is possibly NSV’s most realistic experience. Every tuesday we take our pilots on historic, mesmerizing, and pioneering flights, that changed aviation. We take things to the extreme as we resemble a day in the life of some amazing pilots.

Want to see a example of the NSV AIDTL Event Series? Click Here!

Regional Thursdays

Regional Thursdays Every Thursday, for those who like our events but can’t do long flights, we decided to create regional Thursdays. We will be travelling all across Europe in our short haul aircrafts and the flights will be no longer than two hours. This event series has a whole story behind it.

Want to see a example of the NSV Regional Thursdays Event Series? Click Here!

Slack Events

Slack Events If you’re part of NSV, every week, we have events within the VA. Usually they will be on the Expert Server and we will do a flight from or to a controlled airport,

We only have One Requirement, that you have to be Grade 2 or higher! Otherwise, whether you are an Infinite Flight OG or completely new to the community, you will be more than welcome in our VA. When applying, make sure to always check your e-mail for a Slack invitation. You can expect the following:

1) A welcome message from a staff member
2) Your personal callsign, along with your badge
3) A reminder to schedule your flight assessment
4) A reminder to view your digital copy of our guidelines
5) Flying through Germany and the globe, NonStop.

Apply Today!

Special Thanks

Special Thank You’s to our wonderful supportive NSV community for being with us so far! To our wonderful staff members we appreciate you so much and what a great year it has been! To the IFVARB for their excellent support and guidance, and to the IFC for being such a great place to share our love for aviation

Credits to @NorAviator97, @KingWings, @marcelschmidt and @Darpan for Graphics Production


One of the best VA threads out there. Having an app for NSV is a neat idea! Gute Arbeit. 🇩🇪


Definitely one of the best VAs I have joined. May you all fly high at NSV!


That is one beautiful thread! 😍


Yes!! So happy to be apart of this VA!


Proud to see where this VA has gone since I left the active staff team, growing not only in quantity but most importantly in quality as is shown by recent developments. As an Advisor, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us ✈️


I can’t be more proud than Im now. I have the position that I have where I want, that’s a wonderful world😁. Every pilots and staff here are sympathetic and cordial.


Our team is beyond proud to be partnered with such an amazing VA. We can’t wait to see where you go into the future.

~ V23


Such a blessing to be a part of this VA! Keep up the great work!


Glad to be a pilot here, we are the best VA.


what aircraft you have when you join ??

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Here we aren’t restricted to aircraft. We are only restricted to the types of routes we can fly ie: short haul, long haul, etc.

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so if you just join , you can fly with wide body like a359 ?


Yep, but only on a regional flight.


Staff Applications Open

NSV is a leading Virtual Airline on the Infinite Flight Community, with a unique and talented staff team we are looking to expand our flight management team to help cope with the large numbers of pireps we deal with daily. The successful candidate will receive full training from the respective Line Managers and Head of Department.

Extra Consideration will be given to candidates that;

  • Have past staff experience
  • Display high maturity
  • Have experience in Google Sheets and VA base systems
  • Able to communicate well and speak good english or German on slack


  • You are over 13 years of age
  • You have an active IF Pro subscription, or will have one upon your arrival into the VA
  • You have to be in good standing with the IFVARB and IFC (you cannot be blacklisted or watchlisted)
  • Able to dedicate atleast 30 minutes daily
  • You have not been a staff member at another virtual airline within the past 90 days

If you are interested please apply Here

Instagram | Website | Email | Apply



NSV Presents our latest promotional video Don’t BLINK made by @Maximilian1805 and our wonderful media and graphics department lead by @Darpan @NorAviator97 and @marcelschmidt.

Don’t Blink

Instagram | Website | Email | Apply


I am eyeing you guys. Will join this within the next 6 months (hopefully)


Just applied. Cant wait to give it a go


Thank you for all everyone’s kind words, as CEO of this amazing VA it means a lot.

We are undergoing a “minor refurbishment” in some of our internal processes and as such application times may see a slight increase in wait time. We hope you understand and bear with us.



NonStop You

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