NonStop Virtual Destinations Volume 7| Destination Köln @LGAV - 121700ZOCT19

Non-Stop Destinations

Destination Köln

Welcome to NonStop Destinations! We’re back with Volume 7, in which we will be flying the Medium Haul Route Athens to Cologne!

NonStop Virtual warmly invites you to enjoy and experience, “NonStop Destinations”, which is our main event series devoted to traversing the best destinations and airports across all six continents.

Based on the Greek mainland, Athens, the capital of Greece, is known to be one of the oldest still civilized cities in the world. Millions of people flock to Athens yearly to enjoy not only a comfortable climate, but a large amount of historical and archeological sites, making it a very popular tourist destination year-round.


Server: Expert

Aircraft: A319-100 // Eurowings

Flight Time: 2:50

Time/Date: 2019-10-12T17:00:00Z

All Non-Stop Virtual Pilots are required to use their callsign within the flyout.

Spawn in 15 mins before pushback time of the event.

Act mature, and follow all Expert Server guidelines.

Terminal Gate Pilot Callsign
Terminal 2 210A @Capt.SkyWalker NSV002
Terminal 2 210B @CaptainPanos NSV3108P
Terminal 2 211
Terminal 2 212A
Terminal 2 213A
Terminal 2 213B
Terminal 2 214
Terminal 2 215A

All Non-Stop Virtual Pilots who attend will receive 2.5x flight time on their flight!
Must input the bonus flight hours manually.

Other Flight Info will be provided in a PM the day before the event.

This event is planned and hosted by Nonstop Virtual. Check them out Here!


Sign me up NSV002 :-)

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See you there!

Sign me up please NSV3108P.

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See you there!

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