Nonstop Virtual Airlines

Just wonder if Nonstop VA is active? Applied with them over 24hrs ago and haven’t heard anything.

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Give them some time, I’d say if they don’t get back to you after 3-4 days, then send their account a PM (@NonStop-Virtual).

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Ok, thanks!

Hey @Skydriver900,

We have reached our pilot cap and will be notifying you when we have our next activity check. Please be patient and someone from the team will be in contact when someone finds a space.

Best Wishes,

Dr Owen Castelli,

NSV Executive Member


Ok, no worries! Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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How is the recruitment process coming along?

Haven’t heard anything from them yet (they are making a new thread), so I’d imagine they’re still working on it.


Hello @Skydriver900 and @Claudio !
Of course we’re working on a new thread.
Unfortunately, there is no space left in the Slack, the 200 pilots limit is reached.
But, in October, there will be an Event where you will be able to join even if you’re not from the VA.
NSV Board member

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Thank you for your response. I’ll be looking forward to the event so I can join NSV!

The event will be posted on IFC.

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I’ll be on the look out!!!

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