NONSTOP VA PRESENTS: Frankfurt Fly-in! @ LFPG - 141800ZJAN18

I got it never mind!

Yep you were right! I had put you in already.

Very nice to see such a high number of pilots at this event. Hope you all come :D

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i take a place please

Sure! Putting you in right now.

Just for confirmation:
„The server for this event will be Training Server 1.

So we are talking about Training Server (Global) V2?

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Yes, it is the Training Server (Global) V2.

First pilots are arriving.

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Im in my gate :), and @ChrisS are close to me :)


Thanks for the partial flight tonight. Had endless problems ( family issues) (not to serious) and had to leave. Sorry. may be next time. Thanks again

I had an issue at home as well :) don’t worry

Thanks again for the organization and to everyone who have joined.
Here are some impressions 😊

Hope that there will be another event around Frankfurt.

See you.

Best regards

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