NONSTOP VA PRESENTS: Frankfurt Fly-in! @ LFPG - 141800ZJAN18

Time is listed in Flight info.
Learn how to read Zulu here!

I’ll take a gate please


Sure! Getting you one right now.

Alright! Good to see you back with us in the Nonstop Skies :)

I’d like to join but what’s the date of the event??

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Like I already told another person, you need to learn how to read Zulu time for all IF events! This here should help:

The time of the event will be 7:00PM Frankfurt Time.

Could I get a gate please

May I ask for a gate.

May I get a gate? I would like flight to EDDF

I would love to be a part of this event, can I have a gate please?

may I also ask for a gate for a LH A320.

Reserving yours now!

Sure thing! Thanks for coming.

Absolutely! Thanks for showing up.

Yep! I’ll put you in right now.

Absolutely! Thanks for joining us!

Can you assign me for whichever gate it doesn’t matter.

Username: davidberman

Call sign: EKDB

I got it never mind!

Yep you were right! I had put you in already.

Very nice to see such a high number of pilots at this event. Hope you all come :D

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