Nonstop Destinations Vol. 9 - Terrific Toulouse! @ LFBO - 091700ZNOV19

Non-Stop Destinations

Terrific Toulouse!

Welcome to NonStop Destinations! We’re back with Volume 9, in which we will be flying the Popular Route from Toulouse to NSV’s Hub Frankfurt,

NonStop Virtual warmly invites you to enjoy and experience, “NonStop Destinations”, which is our main event series devoted to traversing the best destinations and airports across all six continents.

Toulouse is a city in southwestern France, near the Pyrenees, in the region, half way between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Toulouse is the fourth largest city in France, after Paris, Marseille and Lyon and is renown as a city of rugby and violets

More Infomation

More Information

Aircraft: A320//Lufthansa

Server: Expert


Flight Time: 1:40

Time/Date: 2019-11-09T18:00:00Z


M 0.78 at FL280

Descent Information:

Begin your descent about 20 minutes before landing

-1500 ft/min at M 0.78 until FL280
-1500 ft/min at 260 knts until FL150
-800 ft/min at 225 knts until FL040
-500 ft/min at 200 knts until FL030

After reaching FL030, do a regular final approach to the runway

Departing Runway(s) : 14R

Arriving Runway(s) : TBC

Runways are subject to change

Flight Plan


LFBO Ground Chart

LFBO Charts

EDDF Ground Chart

EDDF Charts

All Non-Stop Virtual Pilots are required to use their callsign within the flyout.

Spawn in 15 mins before pushback time of the event.

Act mature, and follow all Expert Server guidelines.

Terminal Gate Pilot Callsign
Terminal 1 U31 @AryaTheLivingMeme NSV1009A
Terminal 1 U32 @Jose_Torres_Cajigal
Terminal 1 U40 @OC212 NSV212
Terminal 1 U41 @Alexandre_Benazet
Terminal 1 U42 @Altaria55 NSV0411A
Terminal 1 V10 @Moonlit NSV001
Terminal 1 U12A

All Non-Stop Virtual Pilots who attend will receive 2.5x flight time on their flight!
Must input the bonus flight hours manually.

Other Flight Info will be provided in a PM the day before the event.

This event is planned and hosted by Nonstop Virtual. Check them out Here!

NonStop Virtual Group is a professionally oriented Virtual Airline based on the German airline Lufthansa (which, due to copyright issues, we cannot share the name of), with a vibrant community and a helpful staff team ready to help you at any time. We aim to be professional in every aspect, as we dedicate our time to meeting your needs, expanding your experience and broadening your virtual horizons.

We offer over 5500 routes , with a mainline fleet of over 30 aircraft and 20 + available liveries. And with our codeshare network, we offer a total of 60 different aircraft for you to explore the world in.


Can I have u40 from terminal 1 please ?
Callsign would be NSV1009A :)

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I have signed you up. See you there!

U32 please

See you there!

Best virtual airline I’ve seen in a while, keep up the good work!


Can i have a gate please? My Callsign is NSV212

I’ve signed you up

hello I want so much do that (I from toulouse :) Is it possible ???
My callsign is N007BA

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I’ll join! NSV0411A!

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I will see you both there!

NSv001, signing up as well!

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See you there!

I have a friend he want to join this flight it’s ok is name kangourou 001 thx

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