NonStop Destinations [Vol.2] | Wonderful Warsaw @EDDH 231400ZDEC18

NonStop Virtual Presents:

Event Description

Welcome to NonStop Virtual’s second installment of our awesome event series! We will be taking you all over the world as we continue to hit destinations NonStop! . This time, we will be soaring out of Hamburg and landing in the awe-inspiring city of Warsaw. We will be passing above some very mountainous scenery full of nature and greenery. Notice anything about this flight? This flight is Lufthansa’s first commercial flight and we are going to fly this route with our amazing A320! Come to join us as we Travel The World !

NonStop Virtual warmly invites you to enjoy and experience “NonStop destinations” which is our main event series devoted to traversing the best destinations and airports across all six continents with our fictional character “Hanz”. NonStop Destinations is certain to convey a lot of fun and happiness while flying with other members. We will be delivering those events on Saturdays usually at 1400Z and we will always be happy to see you fly with us!

Event Details

From: Hamburg [EDDH]
To: Warsaw [EPWA]
Region: Germany
Server: Expert Server
December 22, 2018 9:00 AM → December 22, 2018 11:00 AM

Flight Details

Aircraft: Airbus A320
Livery: Lufthansa
Distance: 235 nm
Flight Time: 1:40
Departing Runway: 25C*
Arriving runway: 23*

*Departing and arriving runways are subject to change due to the weather conditions.

Climb Information:

2500 ft/min at 240knts until FL100
3000 ft/min at 300knts until FL280
2800 ft/min at M 0.75 until FL290


M 0.75 at FL290

Descent Information:

Begin your descent about 20 minutes before landing

-1800 ft/min at M 0.74 until FL280
-1800 ft/min at 300 knts until FL180
-1800 ft/min at 280 knts until FL110
-1800 ft/min at 220 knts until FL050

After reaching FL050, do a regular final approach to the runway

Flight Plan

To Be Announced


-You can copy the flight plan from: TBA
-Please spawn in 15 minutes before departure
-If no ATC service will be provided, please widely use UNICOM
-Please remain professional at all times
-Do not pushback before the event leader pushes back

Gate Assignments

Terminal 1 Gate C4: @BlueAcidball
Terminal 1 Gate C5: @Capt.SkyWalker
Terminal 1 Gate C6: @Matei27
Terminal 1 Gate C7: @AviationGaming
Terminal 1 Gate C8: @TY_PLAY
Terminal 1 Gate C15: @Filipe_Abrantes
Terminal 1 Gate C16: @Rishon_R erminal 1 Gate A17:
Terminal 1 Gate A18:
Terminal 1 Gate C34:

More gates will be added if necessary

About NonStop VA


NonStop VA is a VA that is very unique that features the Lufthansa Group that includes Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo, and AeroLogic. With a fleet 22 planes, we have one of the most extensive fleets in the IFC. We offer the best VA experience with lots of events and action within the VA and you could meet new users that could later be your friends.

To learn more about the VA, the staff, the fleet and many other things, you can go visit our website and directly from there, you could submit an application.

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May I get any gate please!

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Sure thing! We can’t wait to see you there!

Thank you!

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No prob, see you there!

Also, we’re departing from EDDF, are we not?

We’re departing EDDH, any other questions can be referred to by me directly!

@KingWings I didn’t know this event was a year from now. :)

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lol, meant to fix that

A route from EDDH to EDDF would be like this:

@KingWings Nice job sir. This is why I told you I should handle events and stuff. ;)

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DLH004 Signing in ,-)

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I would like a gate.
DLH1117A ;)

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Same, DLH1204A

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Gate a17 DLH1209T

Is this in Zulu?

I will be there :) DLH009D

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Hi i would like a gate, see you there!

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no one here?

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Make Sure To Sign Up! The event.departs in less than 24 hours!