Nono45FR's ATC Tracking Thread (Closed @VOBL)

I’ll post there when I control on TS. Feedback is appreciated!

Controlling at LFPG IN TS!
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Controlling at LFPG
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Any feedback?

Controlling at EGLL

Controlling ZBAA TWR/GRND
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I will be controlling today.
MMMX Tower/Ground.
Come do patterns or arrival/departure.
Sorry, I’m not controlling today, I’ve got too much homework.
See you soon.

I’m controlling EDDL TWR and GRND
Come do arrival/departure or pattern.

I’ll fly some patterns :)

Hello there!
I just only wanted to fly some patterns to check your skills and maybe to give you some tips. To be honest: you have to train a lot… but that’s no problem! We all had to learn a lot! So if you want me to help you a bit, feel free to DM me at any time. Have a nice day!

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve not finished controlling, I just lost my connection. If you want to come again.

Are you still controlling?

I’m controlling @ENGM
Using 01R/L for arrival and 19R/L for dep :)
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Great! Let’s try it again!

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Much better than the last session! But you have to clear me! I received my landing clearance on my first pattern. But I had to do a go around so I need a new clearance! I’m not reporting my position just for fun. Always clear the aircrafts! But the rest was fine! Well done!
Good luck and always feel free to message me if you have any questions. Have a nice day!

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Thank you for the feedback. I did not knew that I’ve to re issue a clearance. Thanks again.
Have a nice day too :)

Hello everyone. I’m controlling @LFPG TWR/GRND.
Until 1000z (maybe more if I’ve traffic)

Hey everyone,
I’m open for a hour @GMMN
Come do patterns or arrival/departure :)
Edit : Closed

I’ll be open for a hour or maybe more (traffic)

Open at 1530z VOBL TWR GRND
For one hour, depends on how much traffic I have. If you consider to join, anwser to this thread :)

Make sure you switch your topic title to closed when your complete with your session.

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