Nono45_FR’s ATC Tracking Thread - Passed practical [CLOSED] @NA

Hey everyone, Noah is wishing you a great day!


I’ll add departure runways, landing runways etc.

Feedback is always appreciated, good or not.
Thank you!

Practical is on 2019-04-28T13:00:00Z

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what is p´n p if i may ask ?

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Plane and Pilot :)

And what is that ?

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Open at EDDM

Departing runway : 08L/08R
Arrivals : 08L/08R

Intersection departures allowed
No special Weather - Winds 060 @ 4
No remarks.

Information Alpha

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coming by now

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when you feel you cannot fit in a departure then you do not have to clear them for takeoff. make them hold short. what you did was dangerous


trafffic is not on left base but on final. or you could have given me ‘i’ll call your base’

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Thanks for the feedback @youngblood!
It was an amazing session.
Thanks for coming!

All aircrafts, Muchen tower and ground are now closed, good evening!

also in the end you did not have to send me “tower is no longer accepting pattern work”, you just have to broadcast telling you are closing in XX minutes :)

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I was 44BARS.

  • You forgot about me when I requested runway change to 08R had to send the message twice.

  • At times you were a little slow to respond

  • Also you tryed to fit that departure in on 08L when I was on final as @youngblood stated already next time hold them short of the runway

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Thank you.
I have a problem that make me impossible to hear ATC communication so I may have clicked on you per error and didn’t know the message sorry.

Got it :) thank you


EDDH will be open, will publish information alpha.

Thank you in advance if you’re coming!

Information Alpha

Wind 22 gusting 25 @017
Runways in use : 15 / 23

Intersection dep allowed, pattern work allowed

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I’m gonna go and do some T&Gs

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Thanks to all who attended, EDDH is now closed, good day.

All feedback is appreciated