Nono45_FR’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KPNE [PASSED PRACTICAL]

Welcome to @Nono45_FR ’s ATC Thread :)

I’m an ex-IFATC, would like to get “trained” and tested to get back into controlling. Forgot how hard it was to control seriously on TS (EGLL/KLAX is a nightmare haha)

If anything happens which results in the session being cancelled, I’ll advise you guys here ASAP.

Thanks for reading :)

Next session: N/A
Airport: @KPNE

Aircrafts: A mix of GA and jets so I can sharpen my judgment for your separations

Focus: Intersecting runways, ask for runways changes, inbound, missed approach, go around etc…

Server: TS

As always, feedback is appreciated :)

Good afternoon guys, opening in an hour. :)

Hey everyone, open @ KPSP for an hour. Don’t hesitate to drop by :)

Tag me I am coming a little late

no worries, when do you think you’ll be there?

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I really don’t know but I’ll try my best to come

no worries, no pressure to come by at all :)

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Thankyou so much.

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These runways have no ils idk how will I land

Choose a ddiferent airport

ig you can land manually?

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alright will try to find something else

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I’m trying to land in cockpit view actually I am training so I need ils

seems fair

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Alright, airport changed to GCLP!

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How long will you be open? I can stop by in a few minutes.


i can extend my stay a bit if you wish to do some patterns (scheduled to close in 5 mins) , you’ll be the only pilot though- hope you don’t mind

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Feedback from N74YP

Transition altitude was fine…
No need to say number 1 cleared for the option, after the option make right traffic as you already told to make right traffic.

I was asking you and after I issued go around you never responded to anything.

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Sorry, won’t make it. Something came up.

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thanks for the feedback :)

Sorry for the make right traffic instructions, I’ll make sure to not do that again. I did answer you on your go around though, i said “Roger make right traffic 03L”, I think it’s probably a connection issue

Thanks for tagging along mate! :)

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