Nonexistent violation

Hey guys! I would like to report a system bug. The system is recording non-existent violations that I didn’t receive in flight. It has effected my grade. I would like these violations revoked, and I would like the bug to be fixed. The device is a 12.9 inch iPad Pro (3rd generation) with cellular.

The violation system is basically bug proof with it giving no mistakes. But a mod will take a look at it for ya:)

Can you explain why it was non-existent? Your logbook shows you flew for 29 minutes. I don’t think I’ve seen violations appear when you’re not flying.

They did not appear in flight, since it was so short (just Geneva to Zurich) I held the device the whole time and monitored the aircraft. I don’t even know which overspeed violation it was. That’s why it’s a bug.

Thanks! I know it is, and I know these devs will get it solved.

Please define ‘non-existent violation’.

It wan’t displayed in flight.

I mean, were you over speeding regardless of receiving a warning? Violations like that don’t just appear out of nowhere


No, that’s why I’m upset that it affected my grade.

What’s your current callsign or display name? I’ll get this looked into ASAP for you. Never heard of this happening before so will be interesting to see what’s happened. Thanks!

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Callsign is koreanair 001 heavy, display name is CHUNGUS heavy

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As you were descending though 8000 feet your ground speed was around 331 kts.


Since the system didn’t display it, could the violations be revoked?

Do you have a video of the flight showing there were no violations?

What view were you in while you were descending?

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I was using the left wing view on the a321. Unfortunately, I was not screen recording at the time.

It’s likely the case that you didn’t see the warning then, are you sure you will below 250 knots IAS below 10,000ft MSL?

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do at this point in order to revoke said violation. The system is virtually bug-proof. However, if you’re able to replicate this issue, please go ahead and post it in #support with steps on how reproduce this issue.


The “bug-proof system” has obviously not performed as intended and caused the dissatisfaction of an IF Costumer paying 80$ a year for IF’s services. Just saying that the system doesn’t and won’t break and blaming it on my own ignorance is not enough.

You were in an outside view.

You can’t know for a fact you didn’t overspeed.

Your subscription price has no bearing on your velocity.


However it is the case here.

We cannot be sure you’re not lying to us in order to get your violation revoked. If you were flying on Expert or Training, you should know not to exceed 250kts airspeed below 10,000 feet ASL.

I’m not saying the system is fully bug-proof. I’m just stating it is unlikely that you got your violation “by mistake”. Hence my elaboration earlier, if you are able to reproduce (have the same issue again) and recalling the steps of how to get the issue, your violation will be revoked.

Also, it doesn’t matter that you’re paying $80 or $1,000 a month. You have to follow the same set of rules as other users.

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