Nonexistent Airports?

I was recently flying the C172 and I believe 9LL1(Buffalo Park or brunner airport) is not a square grass “strip”. It is actually two dirt strips.

You could try to clear scenery cache.

See if it made changes

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Please see this:

I believe it is a scenery error because I’ve flown by it before and didn’t think about it and I have restarted my device many times and cleared the cache.

I wasn’t sure if this was for that or for the devs.

It’s for you to report airport inaccuracies.

In that case you should report it as @SF34 posted above.

I’ll go ahead and fix this airport if there’s an issue nevertheless, I’ll PM you when I finish.

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Thanks! Ok. I’ll do that. Also, when you try to zoom in on it on the map, it disappears.

Wait for them to correct the airport once reported .

I have restarted my device many times and cleared the cache.
I already told you. In post four.

Is it just for this airport or all airports on the map?


The problem has been solved, there is no need to ask any more questions.

It’s just an airport that wasn’t generated correctly.

There are probably multiple issues with the airport boundary or other things that cause the zoom in error.

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Thought he/she mentioned a different problem. Alright then, sorry.

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I suggest you follow the link @SF34 provided. If I try to spawn and search for that airport there is no runway or place to spawn. This will need to go to the airport editing team.

@SF34 said he was fixing it.

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Will be informed via PM when fix is made.