NonBinarySkyYT ATC Practice Tracking [CLOSED]

I will be at KPNS doing ATC practice Right Now

Come to whoever wants to come.


Pattern work allowed


It would be good for you to report the Zulu time. 🙂

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i dont understand Zulu as much. even when someone shows me that Zulu chart i never know it

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Got the Zulu. here it is

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But at this time it will be 1:30 a.m. here. I’ll be asleep. It’s a shame because I wanted to participate. 😅

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There will be more soon in the future

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EVENT/PRACTICE HAS STARTED. Please come and join!

Here is an easy to understand Zulu conversion chart for you to study

Don’t be surprised if no one comes to your training sessions in the first 10 Minutes. When I was training sometimes it would take me a half hour+ to get my first plane. Just be patient and eventually people will come
You can change your title now


I’ll do one at the same time hopefully tonight. If I don’t. Then I’ll do one Sunday.

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