Non stop World Flight

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But do you think it’s possible to get in an aircraft (I was thinking a350 as it seems to have the farthest range) and fly out of an airport then around the world and land at the same one without stopping once. Just thought it was cool… any tips or is it just not possible


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The closer to the south or north Pole the shorter the route will be

You could do it in a KC-10 if you did mid-air refueling, I don’t think you could make it in an A350 if you did around the world at the equator, maybe at lower or higher latitudes though

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Mid air refueling is hard tho…

An A380 might be a better choice because of the max fuel capacity. An A350-900 can hold, at max, 285,499lbs of fuel. An A380 can hold at max 559,937lbs of fuel, so you might be able to do a full world flight more easily with the A380.

I nearly circled the world in an A350 without stopping, but it comes up just a few hours short. If you took a higher latitude (like JFK-HNL-HKG-MAD-JFK, and didn’t stop obviously), you could do it.

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Will I make a lot around the world flights minimum you need 42 hours of flying .
So you need to stop ones to refueling .


Was this with/without stopping and with which airplane?

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With one stop
Aircraft A350 .

Where did you stop? I would also really like to copy this flight so how should I do this?

Which one 🤔.
From South to North
From East to West

Either would be great!

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If you take off from cape Town you can refuel from PHNL

Not really, a friend and I did it for my thrice around the world flight

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