Non-Stop Traffic at ATL // Virtual Spotting VIII

Non-Stop Traffic - Recreation of ATL

Hello all! Welcome to the next virtual spotting topic for the year. For the second time, this one will be in Atlanta, GA, which is the city that kicked off this series. These photos were taken throughout the day from the early morning to the afternoon and the video goes all the way through the late hours of the night. Make sure to watch the video because there is more aircraft’s shown there than in the photos. Also, be sure to stop by one of my previous spotting topics. Anyway, stay safe, wear your mask, and enjoy the photos.

Video: Non-Stop Traffic // KATL

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Date: 4/7/21
Server: Expert
Location: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport 🇺🇸 ( KATL )

Appreciate you for viewing!

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Which aircraft and airline was featured the most in the video?

  • B737-900
  • B757-200
  • A321-200
  • A350-900
  • Delta
  • Spirit
  • American
  • Southwest

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Answer: Delta & B757-200


Awesome! Love the vid and love seeing my landing on here! (I’m the EWR-ATL near the end of the vid!!)

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These spotting videos are amazing! Keep up the great work!

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@Prerb and @LuminousNate Thank you!

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Picture 9: Shiny banana

Anyway, great pics!

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And DL1437 looks like it’s gonna butter.

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Im the 2nd picture thanks for spotting me in the 77F


Thanks for the spot!

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@IF_International Thank you! Also, make sure you watch the video if you haven’t to see if Delta 1437 buttered.

@kaelcitos No problem! If you haven’t, don’t forget to view the video because you’re most likely in there.

@TranX No problem! That was a very nice landing you had also!

@KSS Did you happen to see a Turkish 777-300ER absolutely whiff on the landing?

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@geauxsaints I do not remember watching a Turkish 77W land when spotting, but I am sure we might’ve possibly crossed paths or nearly crossed paths since I was at KATL quite a bit on this day.

I landed at around 11 AM EST on runway 26R. Thank god no one saw my abomination of a landing.

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Sorry, I just read that your spotting was on the 7th. I landed on the 8th. My apoligies.

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Amazing video man! The traffic at ATL was quite steady throughout the day for the two days it was featured 😬

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@Divyansh_Tandon Thank you are you are right about that.

Someone in the Delta B757 did a terrible takeoff