Non-stop flight around the Globe

I want to make non-stop flight around the globe, any idea which route to use with better tail winds? I want make real flight around, no shorter so need nice circle around, in leght around 21600nm.

Any idea?

You cant there is fuel burn and you wont have enough fuel so you plane will crash


If you want to do it, research it yourself. That’s the whole point of such a feat. It is, however, currently impossible with the current aircraft available.

I suggest simbrief, flightplandatabase and skyvector as some tools you may want to use as part of your planning process.


The longest range plane in the world has a ferry range less than 15,000NM

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I can make around 70hrs flight now so fuel burn is no problem. I ask just about the best route with good tail wind wind for better speed.

I believe he’s going to be on Infinite Flight non-stop (one session) but make refueling stops.

if you make fuel stops it is not nonstop

what plane will you be using

No, without refueling ;-) A380 only fuel, no pax and cargo.

I think people are trying to say that it is impossible to do in IF without refueling. Period.


Yes, it is possible, I have fuel burn around 3500kg per hour in FL330 and higher.


There are no airplanes in IF with a range capable of circumnavigating the globe within the tropics without refueling, irrelevant of your fuel burn. Period


Oh, okay then. Good luck with that.


Best of luck on your flight!

I always recommend avoiding questions if you’re not willing to accept anyone’s answer. The defense to each helpful comment on this thread is counter-productive and defeats the purpose of posing the question in the first place.