Non-stop crash

Hey there community,
I’m publishing way too much of this tag nowadays…
You know the drill… I am using a brand new Ipad Air, with the latest IOS system, running as the only app IF (bought the Ipad to play the simulator) and more than 40gb free storage. I restart my Ipad before every flight and I have no apps in the background. I followed every moderator instructions about graphics etc…
My game crashed a few days ago 1 hour before landing after a 16 hours flight, my game crashed this morning after just 7 minutes using it doing pattern work in Greenland and my game just crashed when i clicked on my screen exiting Low Power mode during a long haul.

I am honestly quite desperate, i’ve been flying on IF since 2011 and I never had that much crashes of this sort on any device. I am aware there is a crashing issue on IOS but it really needs to get fixed, because even when I took a break from IF for months i kept my subscription to support the devs, but now that I can’t even do a full flight I’m getting tired.
No offense wanted but I’m sure you can all understand my frustration

When is the fix coming ?

The advice doesn’t cure the issue for good nor is it guaranteed. Apart from that, you’ll have to wait for a hotfix to come unfortunately…

When is it coming? We dont know. I’d probably expect it to come next update with the 777 and everything else.

But we’ve been waiting since December, 1/4 of my flights end up in a game crash on a brand new device, I’m sorry but it is unfair to pay for that service. I always and will always support the devs but come on. I can wait for the 777 and clouds but I just want to have a stable experience

Your device has 3 GB of RAM. This is different then your iPad storage of 64 GB. I personally only have 2 GB of RAM on my iPad and I can’t even do flights over 10 hours.This is just how it is right now with the memory leak issue. I’m sorry that you have to experience it as well.

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Patience is a virtue.

The devs are actively working on it and think they have a fix. They don’t know if it will actually fix the issue but they are testing.

They’ve already used the advice 🙃

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yeah, read it multiple times but it doesn’t help

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I hope so, i miss the IF days were i could do +20 hours flight without having the slightest worry of a game crash

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That will come soon enough. It personally doesn’t affect me as an Android user but let’s hope something comes ASAP.

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Well, there is not really any solution here, hope a staff or a moderator hears me and might give us some news, because in the meantime, in my case, the game is almost unplayable and I might need to find an alternate

If you wanna have updates, I suggest looking at this thread 🙃

i believe this has something to do with the memory leak issue with iOS devices.

should’ve bought an android, they’re much more reliable

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actually what is not reliable here is IF, not any of my Apple device ahaha

thanks, i’ll check it out

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We are working on this. And have tried to the best of our ability explained the complexity surrounding this issue in a understandable way, in the topic previously linked. It’s as painful for us to have this issue lurking around as it is for you :(


I am experiencing the same issue on my IPad Pro. I’m like how can this game crash on the most powerful tablet on the market. It’s very frustrating and We need a hot fix.

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