Non standard patterns are the IF standard

For some reason every approach I fly (except 15 for BHX) is non-standard right hand approach. Why is it like this? Are the atc trained to do right handers or do they just do it?

Are you talking about advanced server approach controllers?

Yep. I tried ITO, HNL 08L, CBR 35, and many others. It is all Right.

Since approach isn’t putting you into a pattern approach typically we just accommodate the direction you are flying from.

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Our IFATC Approach controllers are trained to give proper vectors, decent commands, and hold proper spacing, and not on standard traffic patterns. They are instructed to do whatever is most efficient

You know that runway in ITO that goes right in the mountains? I flew from OGG to ITO and I still flew right for it. Are we supposed to do patterns because every approach seems to put me on a long final.

All really depends on what you request and the traffic volume. If you feel like there is something we can improve upon feel free to PM me.


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