Non-selectable VOR’s

I’m just about to begin a Spirit airlines flight from KORD to KLAX through simbrief, I’m going through the waypoints I need to enter and the VOR’s in the flight plan are “in-selectable” it will show the VOR in the search, but when you proceed to tap on the VOR to add it to your flight plan it disappears? Is this a software issue? or am I not understanding something? (The VOR is “OBH”).

I think this is a know bug. What i do is add the VOR name and the departure/arrival airport



THANK YOU! I just continued my flight plan by typing in the VOR and then the waypoint in front of it, i’ve had this issue for so long! You’re the best

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Diego is correct. This is an issue we have documented already and hope to have addressed in a future update.


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