Non Responsive = Don't Go through

I have seen this a lot lately it happend to me recently on ADVANCED I accidental dropped my iPad on the floor and while I was picking it up I was stopped on the taxi way this guy thinks oh just because he issant moveing I can go through him. No do not go through people on advanced or on playground feel free to do it in free flight but anywhere else do not do it. It realy makes me annoyed when people go in you. I don’t mind when you accidentally spawn on each other or when you pushback your tip of your wing might tap another plane. But going through people is just stupid and it’s the fastest way to get you ghosted. So here is my advice DONT GO IN ANYONE JUST WAIT TILL THEY MOVE!


Well said, unless on PG someone sits there for 5 or more minutes ill just go thru him.


Well said. In addition to this, people who are taxiing too quickly and who don’t seem to be paying attention, are following you to a runway, and they have to ‘slam on’ the breaks at the last second. Basically people taxi and wait behind others at too close of a distance.


Rant over? Just kidding, frustrates me as well.

A big a-hole move to cut in line.

Seen on advanced this evening…a Grade 4 taxiing through the the grass as there was 3 other aircraft waiting at TNCM for runway 10.

Yes. I reported him. Did you. He got denied after cutting in.

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Yep I reported him as well… Did he get ghosted?

I believe so. He couldn’t be bothered to wait for the traffic to go.


I agree on playground I was in a B777 and a B737 was practically touching me, have they not heard of giving space between planes haha, I tired to use my spoilers to tell him to ease back or else I will report him but no point in bothering with a Grade 1 who thinks I’m just messing with my spoilers

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During my roll-out, I had a fellow Grade 4 crush me with a 767, today.

I sometimes toggle my spoilers as a “thank you”, for when an aircraft gives way on the apron or taxiway.
I guess it doesn’t do anything for close-proximity flight. :)


Some grade 4’s don’t know how to behave.


Yes I usually use it to say thank you

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Yea I find it can be new grade 3 people as they don’t tend to read the description of the advanced server

I’m like “so true”

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People just don’t get it they need to just wait.

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