Non-pro users able to do ATC

I think that it would be fair for non PRO users on IF to be able to support Infinite Flight PRO users in ATC.

No one buys a sub to IF to do ATC, it’s just an add-on. We have all had days when there is low ATC. That feeling of annoyance would vanish because there would almost always be ATC.

Obviously, non PRO users would have to support the training server. Expert server would always be for the serious flyers.

I hope you guys at Infinite Flight can look into this request.
All the best with update 20.1, your doing a great job.
Thank you 🙏

why would you need ATC when it is not multiplayer? Just a question, not being rude!
Happy Flying :D

The idea is that the non pro users can help the pro users with ATC.

The pro users that are busy flying

This defeats some of the purpose of buying a pro description and when it is of course so expensive us Pro Users expect a level of standard, or luxury the solo users have not bought!
Happy Flying :D
Many just buy the subscription for ATC

I don’t think this will ever happen because Infinite Flight provides this with the subscription alone. It is still hard work that is also in IFATC. This includes constantly renewing the interface or adding new functions. I totally understand you but I think that will never happen. That is part of this simulator.

Yeah. I do know this would be tough. I just wanted to raise the idea


I will not stop you. Have fun :)

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There’s more than enough people controlling on the TS. I’ve never experienced any “shortage” of controllers when flying on Training for the past 5 months.

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I think he means the general server. So also an expert Server

Thanks for the request!

This is not something we will look into for several reasons. One being the fact that you should have some basic idea of how the verbiage, interface and general procedures work. This is something you’re introduced to when first flying around on the Casual server. Without a subscription, you can’t access that server.