Non of the reworked aircraft downloads only legacy aircraft downloads they are stuck at zero please help me

I can’t use the reworked or new planes

Hello! I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble… would you mind providing a little more detail about the issue and possibly a screenshot of what’s happening? Also, do you have a current IF Pro subscription? You are limited to certain aircraft without the subscription and that may be what you’re referring to.

After the update it started to do that

Yes I have pro

try reinstall infinite flight

I did that so many times

I will do it again

It is still doing that

Here’s when I was trying to download the E190 please I want to enjoy Infinite flight again


Reworked aircraft will take longer time given that they’re quite more detailed and therefore larger in size.
How long have you waited? Ignore the progress indicator saying 0%, that may be inaccurate.

Ok thanks I will try to wait and try again

It work thanks for helping but the a330’s and the Embraer 's dont download

I will try tomorrow it is not a big deal

Thanks alot I finished downloading the aircraft

I cant understand but I waited for a long time but still doesn’t work for the E170 E190 777 and both of the A330’s

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