Non necessary report & ghosting

I was on final in EHAM on expert server, and I was told to go around. So I did. Then, I got ghosted for not going around and landing!! Total bullcrap

Look in your logbook to see who ghosted you, then pm him, also theres no need to be rude


Just check the name of the controller in your log book, and shoot him a PM. Also, there is always a reason for ghosting…


Sure. I’ll try that

It was someone named Arthur

That will be @ArthurBrockman, he’ll be happy to help

Btw I’ve been trying for AGES to get on the expert servers. That’s why I’m mad. I have to wait a week and my subscription ends in 5 days

Well, if you really weren’t doing anything wrong, he’ll be happy to reverse it 🙃, just pm him

What do you mean reserve sorry I have not been on these community forum fo a while

Privately message the controller. He’s been alerted and will respond to the message when he can.

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To reverse means to take away the ghost :)

It’ll be lifted, it’s not like once they’re there there’s no going back

Yeah but I got downed to grade 2. Whatever

Please just pm @ArthurBrockman, replying to this isn’t going to get you anywhere