Non Movement Area

Hello Lads

in the Expert Server description it says that real ATC procedures will be enforced
I fly on Pilotedge in Xp11 and they simulate a non movement area as they do IRL
I was just wondering if IF does also? because it is a real world thing, just thought it was worth asking as it is a different simulator


Hello there,

We currently don´t have non movement areas which means you should be monitoring the Unicom or Ground frequency whenever you´re on the Ground/taxing. In IF you´re almost always speaking to a Controller if they´re active at the airport you are flying to/from.


I usually announce taxi on Unicom once I leave a non movement zone, but I always request taxi in one. Could be cool to implement in the future though. It is just hard because on the ATC map taxiways and non movement zones are not defined

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If Infinite Flight pilots had the ability to talk on the live servers, that would be a moderation nightmare. All it takes is one rager or troll to ruin it.


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