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Do non movement areas apply in IF? Because I was told today to hold position, and then had to request a taxi, all while in a non movement area. Was this controller mistake, or are non movement areas just not a thing in IF? I mean, the markings are there to represent a non movement area, so I was just a little confused.

Hey! What do you mean by “non-movement area”? Are you talking about the areas defined by intermediate taxi-holding positions?

If this is controller specific, I’d recommend contacting @Guxk via PM.


No he is talking about ATC control area. ATC controls taxiways, runways and all ATC designated areas.

Non movement areas are free from ATC control such as the Ramp or parking areas. In these areas planes can move freely without ATC clearances

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I don’t think they apply in IF @Bmoney326


I believe those are separated from ATC jurisdiction areas by intermediate taxi-holding positions, which we do have in Infinite Flight. While non-movement areas are not used in Infinite Flight, ITHPs may still be used to designate right of way while taxiing.

For more IF specific information on these areas, please reference this:


There is no such thing as non-movement areas in IF as of this point. You need clearance to move your aircraft at controlled fields.


These areas, especially commercial gates, are usually controlled by a ramp frequency. We don’t have that, unless for large events where you may see multiple ground frequencies with one just handling pushback requests.

Hello @Bmoney326, I was the controller that asked you to hold position.

Seeing as this isn’t an incident report I’ll respond here publicly rather than in a PM. The markings to represent these areas may be edited in at certain airports, but you always must receive clearance from ground control.

I hope that clears things up, if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via PM.


Adding; I also think that such non-movement areas aren’t really a thing IRL at European airports, at least when it comes to normal/commercial airports, which might be one of the reasons why this isn’t implemented in IF.

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