Non IF source liveries

Before we begin, I just want to claim this is just an opinion-based observation

The other day, someone posted a pic of infinite flight with an airplane with a livery that wasn’t available in the game, and I looked more into it and i found several videos on youtube that show how to get these liveries for free on infinite flight. Now I did not download anything, but I was just curious if these liveries worked so well in the video, why couldn’t they ask permission to use it in their game? Wouldn’t this help put more liveries in the game that the fans want if the fans created the files for it? I don’t know much about coding at all, nor do i understand how the liveries work, but I am curious on everyone else opinions on this issue.

Thank you


These are only available on jailbroken or rooted devices.


I think it involved jailbreaking the device?

If that’s the case then most here will scream no

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Hmm i don’t know if it is, but some of those videos looked pretty good, not going to lie. I mean I dont want to take any credit from the devs because they do an amazing job, but it looks like the extra help for free would benefit them a little

screams no


It’s not a game

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Not supported and should not be praised.