Non-IF Aviation category

I was wondering if the mods of this forum could create another category called “Off-Topic” to discuss aviation news, ask aviation questions, and other stuff. After all, we are all here because we love aviation so why would we not want to talk about aviation :smiley:.

Sometimes, I feel that threads sometimes require going into the real-world aviation world and they become less and less IF related.

If there was a way to make it so that the posts in that category don’t pop up in the “All Categories” page, that would make it even better.

Thanks for reading and…

Best, Boeing707


Good idea.

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That’s the problem. Sometimes it strays from that so that’s why I thought that it would be better to corner all of that in a separate category hidden from the IF “All categories” conversations.

Best, Boeing707


Best, Boeing707

Would be nice, seeing many off topic stuff here

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This is definitely needed!

I thought the #real-world-aviation section was added for this reason.

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Yes and no, I think this one is for news. But yes you are right it’s what the realworld aviation topic is for.😎🇦🇺