Non-GA nor Airline callsigns

Hello all,
I have a question regarding callsigns. As you may know, there are many people flying with callsigns written in lowercase letters and using spaces. For example: DeerCrusher, bok bok chicken, LasVegas, FlightCast, kuwait private jet, and more. I have been using infinite flight since somewhere around march 2012 (way before Live) and I never recall being able to make your callsign normal words. If anyone can explain how they do that and/or how I can do this now that would be awesome.

Only Moderators and Staff members are able to have lowercase letters in there callsign. I do recall that a moderator said once that anyone who is not a moderator and has lowercase letters have not changed their callsign and if they were to change their callsign, the lowercase callsigns would never come back.


It’s a feature currently only accessible to moderators (DeerCrusher, bok bok chicken, and FlightCast are examples of this). It used to be available to everyone, but was removed. Non-moderators who have callsign a like these just have not changed their callsigns since the feature was removed (like ginormous plane). If they change their callsign, they’ll never be able to get it back.


Plane Train is right only mods and staff and some other grade 5 users.I don’t know if you have to be grade 5 or 4 to get one if you ask idk🤷‍♂️

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When was this a feature, I never remembered that

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I am grade 5 and you cannot make it like that sadly.

Well I guess they removed the feature like Tom said

Thanks so much! @tomthetank @Kaj @Plane-Train-TV

Thank Tom the most because he gave more detail as to why you can’t get it.All I knoe is that you cannot get it anymore because they removed the feature


Before my time, even! This is the answer I got when I asked :)


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