Non-complience in training server

I think you would make a great controller , I suggest you increase the number of ATC operations you have currently to at least 500 operations (eg. Commands you give out as ATC on TS.). Then apply for IFATC, while ensuring your stats as a pilot is maintained up to grade 3 at the very least with minimum violations.

If you get into IFATC as an official controller, you can report trollers or pilots that don’t follow rules on ES, I think you would like that kind of authority.

I can sense the passion from your suggestions in this thread, for safer and regulated skies. All the best !

Yeah I’ve got about 900 ATC operations, I want to train a bit further before applying though.

@Ash_K is that you who said Line Up and Wait to AF2 at EGLL today?

@Shafran I do remember encountering AF2 today but i cant recall if i was on ground or tower control at that time.why?

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I appreciate that this is the training server and appreciate mistakes will be made, however when you learn how to drive a car, you still cannot do 80 mph in a 30 mph speed limit or go the wrong way up a one way street. I do fly expert most of the time but do like occasionally to fly on thetraining server to give up and coming ATC an opportunity to have some chance of realistic controlling. If pilots want to do back flips at 100 mph they should fly on solo

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It’s training server learn to live with it lol (happens in expert too)

Hey I stay on the training server the whole time and 90% percent of the people behave as if they are in causal server which doesn’t sound good. You just go and enjoy on your own as instead of Egll and Klax there are many other airports that u can enjoy in training server. But remember one thing… atc never almost never cheats u if it does they are trying to learn new so most probably nobody will do things on purpose in training server except a few who think training server is useless.