Non-complience in training server

I am still new to the game. I do realise that training server is more for fun and not as strict as expert server but noncompliance and pilots flying around ignoring ATC instructions is high(especially around busy airports).Is there a way where they could be reported and maybe moderators can review the clip and there could be penalty just like expert server.

I understand the need for ‘free flying’ but it can be done at airports that are not manned.


It is called a training server for a reason - To get ready for pilots to adapt for the busy, bustling world of the expert server! The whole idea is for pilots to interact with each other, and engage with the idea of ATC. Just telling them to go off to unmanned airports defeats the entire point of the server, and therefore undermines the integrity of the expert servers - as completely untrained pilots will be flying around cluelessly and getting into mistakes. 😃

OF COURSE PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKE - Its a beautiful part of humanity and InfiniteFlight users - We learn from our mistakes and get better at them. Seriously, do not expect a user who has just graduated from the casual server to suddenly be expert server level, which is what you are expecting (ATC with reports and penalties).

I remember I was a hot mess when I first got to the Training server, and because of that, Im now a budding expert server pilot! 🥴

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I understand where you are coming from.I am just starting out.I am interested in both flying and ATC.when flying in training server there needs to be some sort of understanding that there are rules around active airspace.if you want to fly for fun,by all means go to airports where there isnt controlled airspace.fighters buzzing in and out around EGLL or ELAX while rest are following rules is not teaching anyone anything.pilots not following certain instructions from ATC is totally fine as they might not be too familiar but being disruptive is not fun for anyone but the troll


Then simply get to the expert server and work towards it! Its an essential stepping stone, and just expecting everyone to be perfect or even near expect server quality removes all aspects of the community and servers

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If you really think people in the Training Server are making unintentional mistakes, sorry but you are wrong. 💀


Not everyone makes mistakes on purpose. You can assume the worst or the best from people where you dont know what truely happened. Choose the second route: And just ignore the people who you know are acting up on purpose



A lot of people do however. Majority even.

Pretty hard if you ask me, when you have A380s and F22s landing on top of you while starting your takeoff roll


Sounds like you’ll love expert sever!

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Initially expert server seemed a bit intimating but i find that environment better as everyone at least tries to fly properly.we make mistakes and learn from server is about improvement.if you just want to fly around doing whatever you feel like than casual server is the best place as nobody needs to follow any rules.there has to be a way where those who are disruptive in training server could be better handled than what we have right now.i see the some players trying to do circuits when airport is busy or some who go off frequency and just land from one runway to the next at the same airport.

I did too, but I recently had my first flight in in the expert like the 26th of august, after realizing it isn’t what you think it is, it’s very nice and sometimes very fun I find in the expert server, especially at events!

To add to what others said, unfortunately there will always some people who wants to troll.

Only once in my IF Training server ATC xp, i had a session with only people that were following ALL my instructions! I even made a topic because this is very rare lmao

That is why I feel that there should be a system where repeat ‘offenders’ should get violation or something.not for some simple error but if they accumulate certain number of violations(which can verified with recording so it is not abused) than they get to sit on ‘naughty step’ until they realise that there are many airports that are not active where they can do as they please

Sooo basically, another expert server?

It’s a bit annoying when people don’t listen to ATC instructions in TS, I was controlling before in the TS and there were some people that just requested departure, I told them to hold short cause there was an aircraft on final and they waited about a minute then lined up and took off without instruction to do so and even when I gave the appropriate warning messages they just ignored me. I know people on the TS are still learning, but there’s no way this isn’t on purpose, if they want to act this way, just go on CS, occasionally I go on CS to muck around doing whatever. TS is for people who want to train, whether it’s grade 3 or above pilots wanting to perfect their skills without the threat of being reported, people wanting to practice their ATC skills, whether it be for training to apply for IFATC or current IFATC members honing their skills for ES. What I’m trying to say is, if you don’t want to fly in a profession manner, whatever the reason, please just use CS, it’s what it’s for.

Not is a practice server for move to expert server so it should have rules similar to but not as strict as ES.As the rules are there than there should be a way to monitor compliance or whats the point of having them

I feel like if you wanna go around busy airports like EGLL or LAX where theres almost always controllers in training and you dont wanna follow any rules, go to casual server. If everyone else wants to be realistic youre just ruining the fun. My opinion.

I completely agree with this.if you want to just fly for fun than stick to CS.If you choose to fly in TS than follow the rules laid or there will be only makes sense.whats the point of having rules if some choose to just ignore and get away with it?


Difference between TS and CS, is that TS has active rules in place like taxi speed limits and IAS<260 below FL100.

Aside from that yes some of the pilots do not follow ATC commands and one may argue that they are deliberately refusing to follow commands.

But it is called “Training Server”, if you can report people for not following ATC instructions in TS, then wouldn’t it be the same as ES ?. Even if the rules are to be made not as strict as ES, it is still making the TS quite similar as ES because users can get reported in both servers, if in the event your suggestion is implemented.

That’s why IF has grades, and a minimum of Grade 3 is needed for ES access. To control ATC on ES, u have to apply via IFATC and there is a test and actual recruitment procedures in place to ensure quality ATC recruitment.

TS is a notch up from CS, but it’s still a step down from ES.

I almost completely agree with you, the only thing is the complete ignorance of some users on TS, if someone is inexperienced or makes a mistake that’s fine. One way to stop users who completely ignore ATC instructions is to report them, but the only problem is that could be abused by the controller their self. So to resolve this is to train the controller, then we have the IFATC, then we have the ES. So in the end, I don’t know the solution, maybe we just have to try to ignore them (I know this is really hard to do though). Otherwise, I can’t think of a solution so, yeah, I don’t know.