Non-can collide part in LFPG

Well, then, um, how can I explain to you the situation that I experienced,
so, I was leaving for a flight from Paris to Rio De Janeiro, I start pushback from gate E18 and I head towards runway 27L, and there, my plane dives into the ground (video below)

I don’t know if Infinite Flight has launched cooperations with submarines, but as said, we see more planes underwater than submarines from the sky (even if I didn’t fall in the water)

Additional information :

Location: Taxiway Q next to via BQ2
Apple iPad 17,11
Version 21.6 of IF

Buzzword response, but have you tried clearing your Scenery Cache? This tends to help quite often with holes in the ground.

Otherwise might have to send the construction workers in…

Well, my cache is rather empty because I re-installed IF not long ago, yet this is not the first time I go through the Taxiway Q and this is the first time it happens to me this kind of problem, especially since you can see that the rear fuselage hit the ground before moving forward and falling, so it goes from a problem of part

this also happened to me very recently and it gave me a warning to stop doing Aerobatic manoeuvres above live airport!

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me too, It gave me an violation

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hasn’t happened since but still it’s quite Annoying!

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It’s especially when you spend 30 minutes preparing your flight plan for this, it’s a bit like forgetting to save a text document

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Just PM @appeals with your replay (they will remove the violation) and clear your scenery cashe to fix the holes 😁

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It’s only a small violation, fortunately

I know, but if it is an app issue (which it is) they should remove it with sufficient proof.

The question is this: Is the problem only at CDG or at several other airports?

I just checked this taxiway myself and had no issues. Seemed relatively solid to me.

As I recommended, try clearing the cache and see if it fixes the issue. You don’t need to have a full cache for issues like this to appear.


It’s because you need to clear your scenery cashe lol

Fixed the violation. As they say, you should not be held accountable for something that wasn’t your fault :)

And also as they say;
Cache. Clear it. Do recommend you restart the app before though.


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