Non Avgeeks...

This is my continuation of FrenchBlueA330’s forum about non avgeeks.

Link to original: That one friend who thinks airplanes are flying pieces of metal...


I’ve moved this to #real-world-aviation as that’s the proper category this belongs in.

Please don’t move it if he doesn’t have the TL for it.


I thought anyone could post in RWA and it is just TL2 for events, features, and VA?

Nope. Only TL2 and higher for RWA, to cut down on meaningless topics. Almost became TL3 only a while back.


Oops, didn’t know that. Well flagged for mods to close

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Not aviation related not IF related goodbye.


Anyway… My little brother used to think that the airline was the type of aircraft. When some of my friends hear me talking about planes, they think that I’m trying to summon a demon ar speaking an alien language or something. The girl who sits next to me in class watching me type a report on the 737-9 MAX is completely lost… she questions my sanity.

Um, the last post was October of 2016…This has nothing to do with IF either.