NokScoot 777-200ER

The combination of the Nok Air Bird and the yellow design of scoot would make this aircraft a wonder to see in Infinite Flight.


(Sorry if this is necroposting)
Credits to Alex Chan
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@SingaporeAirlines + @sniperguy135 = NickChan, Get Outta Here! 😂

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This post is soooo old
That’s why I didn’t want to bump it

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I want to make a new one but afraid of getting closed, I decide to make a necropost

The same thing as scoot?

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But it’s a JV between Scoot and NokAir

NokAir is a Thai Airways Subsidiary

And scoot is a Singapore airlines subsidiary :P

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Nope, that’s why my equation is there ;)

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Interesting livery! I flew a Scoot today in Infinite Flight, and knowing NOK airlines they seems to fit together, not sure if company based but the livery looks cool!

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IF needs this with the reworked 777 fr

True, still few flying around today. It think this livery is awesome.

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Hahaha this is too funny ! Just imagine flying this in IF lol !!