Nok Air Purple Boeing 737-800

I think it Will be Nice in infinite flight Some Nok air planes it is a low-cost airline from Thailand i hope they add it in the game
Boeing 737-800


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To make this a valid request, I’ve changed the title to reflect the plane pictured in your post. If you want to request a nok air dash 8, please feel free to make a new post! Someone will move it for you. Just as an FYI, one photo per request (Not that you made the mistake already, but just in case


I keep reading Nokair as Nokia… Anyways if this is flown upside down, it’s going to be NickChan all again! A bird flying upside down! 😂


Or Nokai :)

Might a regular should change it to “Nok Air Purple Edition Boeing 737-800” to avoid confusion with this?

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Moving this due that the user is basic

Most users will not be able to read the post that you attached because it’s in a different category, and I don’t think we need to go back and police that new rule on existing topics.

That does not apply to existing topics. Please don’t move those that have been created before the rule.


Very creative!

I can add this to my list!

Weird but I like it!