Nok Air - Dark Blue Edition (B738)

I love this unique livery and saw it flying over Laos the other day.

I think it would be a great edition to the vast options of liveries we have on the Boeing 737-800 in Infinite Flight.

Information about Nok Air:

Picture and information of the aircraft:


Aircraft type: Boeing 737-800
Registration: HS-DBP

Before anyone says this is a duplicate, it is not. This is a different livery.

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This livery would be pretty cool, we need a cool livery like this on the 738.
Don’t forget to vote on your own feature request!


Thanks @Butter_Boi. Just needed to free up one vote :D

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That’s one interesting livery I must say. 😂

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Yup! Flew with them once! I have to say that they’re actually not that bad at all…

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  • I love this livery!
  • Don’t like it at all…

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I love the uniqueness of this livery we also need this livery on the Dash 8 but that’s another topic

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What a good idea! Do you want me to make one @NathanD (a feature request for this livery on the DAsh 8 Q400)?

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Sure go ahead I will definitely free up a vote for it