Nok Air ATR 72-200

The ATR with Nok Air’s livery is beautiful, great aircraft, great movement. However the inside wasn’t much of a good spirit. Seats were rough, uncomfortable and when I landed in Nakkhon Phanom I had gotten a lot of knits. Overall it’s a great aircraft to handle. That’s my experience, and Nok Air’s website has changed with their fleet even though they still have some of the aircraft that were on there.

Now THAT is pink.
A bit too pink for me
Also, please give credit to the owner of the picture


I agree! The most pink I can take on an aircraft is the Qantas Dash 8 Q400mBreast Cancer Livery, shown below.


I love that one. Ive seen it only once IRL.


Is this a plane or livery request…

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I saw these Nok Airs when I visited Don Mueang last year. I believe they have multiple liveries for their aircrafts


As @ewanfleming said, too much pink. I don’t mind if it’s for like charity or something but… Really?

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Nok has many unique paints job for its entire atr and 737 fleet (unique for every aircraft?)

Any of them would be cool.


They’re unique to say the least…

Well, us in Thailand are ones for colours and smiles.

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Fun fact about the photo mentioned in post #1 – the Nok ATR72 pictured was specifically designed by ATR to have a door in the front of the aircraft that slided open, instead of placing the cargo hold door there as a modification specifically requested by Finnair so they could use jet bridges on the aircraft, creating the special ATR 72-101 and ATR 72-211 types with the door in the front.

I love Nok Air’s new liveries, I’ve been spotting them on Flightradar during my stay in Thailand. I saw this aircraft too, but this one is a bit too pink.

Well Nok Air have ATR 72-500’s as well.