Nok Air 737-800 (Orange Livery)


Photo taken by, Teerawut Wongdee

Would love to see more liveries like this, love the unique ones.

Please add a description on why you think this should be in IF, and don’t forget to vote for your own request!

I agree with @Altaria55. Showing a description can help persuade or convince the community to vote for your feature.

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That is very cool…thanks for bringing our attention to it. I’m about ready to offer Laura and her team some funds so they can pay someone to crank out some new liveries. As it is now I think but I’m not sure its a matter of the people who do it now have to fit it into busy schedules.

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For a second I read Nokk, as in my favorite character from R6 Seige. Anyway, I’ll try to clear up a vote!


While I usually agree, I can’t say I do there. I think the community shouldn’t be basing votes off why the particular person wants it, more so the livery itself. It’s cool, we all know it is, if you’re standing with a group of people watching planes land, and eventually you see a unique one, you’ll probably hear some “cool” or “I like that one” it’ll definitely be talked about more than the others that you seen. I don’t see any other reason besides the fact that it is cool, and different. If you like it, then you should vote for it. If you do not like it, then don’t.

That’s the way I see it though,