Noise while we brake after a landing, can we have it also for take off?

When the aircraft are braking after a landing, we can hear some noises that the plane is “vibrating”
Can we have this also for take off? Would be more realistic due to speed.


It already exists. If you keep all wheels on the ground, when you’re nearing 100kts on takeoff roll you will hear the sound. It may be harder to hear due to the engines.


As @AR_AR said. Try accelerating to 110knots and cut the throttle.

yes but if i’m not wrong in real world we can heard it from 50-60 its no?

you can hear it if you are in cockpit view during taxi as well! Love the detail that the Devs have gone too!

Only addition I would like would be the alarm sound when you turn the AP off!


Yep. If you speed to about 115kts you can hear it.

So is this now a feature request so that the vibrating sound can be heard at lower speeds on takeoff?

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I think @grxninesix wanted to say that, @EdT , but I don’t understand why it is in “General”.


Yes i thought i have seen something similar in a video

but you already CAN hear sounds when on the take off roll at lower speeds, so its not really a request as it is there all ready…

I don’t hear them at low speeds. Possibly, because of the engines. I usually start hearing them at 115 knots.

That’s what I hear during taxi, I’m guessing. It sounds like something is jingling on one pole.

Sounds like the inside of an old Land Rover that I used to have!!