Noise pollution in France: in Paris,17 municipalities join in the legal fight to get noise reduced.

They could just implement the same noise abatement procedures as KSNA and they’ll be fine.

Max thrust, 3700 VS, cut back the throttles at 3k feet.

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The thing about living next to an airport…generally people “choose” to live there out of necessity. Property values are lower. You won’t find the city’s doctors and lawyers sprawled out under the Approach path. But, people aren’t lesser for requiring a smaller mortgage payment.

The “don’t-move-there-if-you-don’t-like-it” canard only works if you presume that you could just clear out all housing for miles and miles around an airport, which isn’t going to happen, and if there’s housing, someone will be living in it.

When hurricane season comes, we don’t say to the millions of people living in coastal estates, “well, why did you move near the beach?”


I recently stayed in an airport hotel next to Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal 2 (the terminal for budget airlines like Air Asia) and I couldn’t hear any planes at all. The only thing I heard was the regular reminder on the loudspeakers in the terminal every 15 minutes. That was really annoying as it was super hard to sleep.

Totally agree!

I totally understand the concerns, and I believe that It should be addressed appropriately, however I find this situation more ridiculous then anything else. People complaining about the planes being loud when they live right next to an airport… Hello?! What did they expect?! Maybe if they were smart enough they wouldn’t have chosen to live near an airport in the first place! People near my home airport, Burlington (KBTV) are exactly the same… I just never understood these kinds of people and it makes me laugh…


Solution is easy! Changing places! Change places of Aviation lovers and haters!

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