Noise pollution in France: in Paris,17 municipalities join in the legal fight to get noise reduced.

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In Paris, planes noise causing health problems on people who living in the airport area, this is the reason why 17 municipalities join the fight to against noise to get aircraft noise

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This was the same case with KLAX a few months back.

Anyways, if health problems arise, I have nothing against people complaining. In fact, I’d be on their side. Yeah I’m an aviation enthusiast and I love planes and all, but your health comes before anything else!

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I wonder what will happen 🧐


Difficult thing to find a compromise between health and aviation.

I feel like people living under departure or approach path knew that the airport was there (at least in most cases) and as long as they get support protecting their houses from noise it’s fair to say you can’t have everything for every party (e.g. sleeping at night with windows open if you don’t like the noise as some people in Germany complaint).


That’s true.

But that all costs money…


Surely does, but I am pretty sure that (here in Germany) the airports have to support people with the installation of noice protection (e.g. noice protecting windows) with up to 100% of the cost if they live very close and less percent if they live further away. But obviously that does not involve everyone who can hear aircrafts approaching or departing.

Like I said, difficult to find a compromise.


Thats very true!


This issue is similar to the one that was brought up at John Wayne Airport. Yes, airplanes are noisy but are getting quiter as technology progresses. If you don’t want to listen to the noise, please so not move somewhere near an airport. John Wayne has noise abatement procedures because of the wealthy individuals that refuse to move somewhere else, which is mind boggling.

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Not sure what the issue is, airports here simply cover the costs for sound deafening in your house. Do they not in France? I have stayed in hotels next to the runway at Heathrow, can’t hear a squeak, very much a non issue if you ask me. If they don’t like it, they could always move.


Its not the airports fault… Its the people who decided to move to a apt, house etc, close to an airport. What do they expect? No noise? And what are they going to do about it? They cant stop flying planes into airports… Its a hard topic to address. I think they defiantly need to do something about it, install noise cancelling windows and other things that can help noise canceling but that is not going to drain it out completely.


Wrong on so many levels.

Did you know that excess levels of noise can actually harm you, mentally and physically?

You should probably search up the consequences and effects of noise pollution. You’d be surprised.

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I was already aware of the consequences of the noise… But honestly, are they really going stop planes coming into to an entire airport for the noise…

With all due respect “don’t take this the wrong way” how is this “wrong on so many levels” people still need to be able to travel and get to the airport… It’s not the airport’s fault. They need to fly planes in and out.

The article listed is from 2017 so i dont know what has happened with this situation.

But there are always different ways to reduce noise pollution. Getting rid of it would be getting rid of the airport which they cant do and is impossible. But they can minimize the the noise pollution outputted. One way is by only allowing flights during certain airport which many airports already do. Other ways are by placing rules on how airlines should operate their aircraft when departing for example, not using full thrust upon takeoff which is also used at some airports to minimize the noise.

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Very true, but is that going to make a huge difference in noise pollution?

People need to be able to travel, yes. But civilians near the area of the airport want to live their lives peacefully, and it isn’t as easy as “Moving somewhere else” which some claim.

It can be the airports fault if they fail to follow the regulations placed by the countries aviation regulatory bodies.

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I was assuming that the airport was following the rules

Yes it does. The lower the aircraft the louder it is going to be.

But again, I dont know how people are going to expect to live there lives “peacefully” living so close to an airport

Peacefully was the wrong word to use. I admit that.

People dont want to live a life knowing that later on they will start developing hearing problems because of the airport nearby and cannot do anything about it.

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I mean the value of property there is lower due to the noise reduction, by reducing it the value of the property will rise and rent will rise, so some people will have to move. Things like this are a give and take. Surely the airlines will have to pay more for something that will reduce noise, and some could leave the airport, causing a huge loss of income to the airport. It’s not as simple as peoples’ health vs air travel.

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