Noise measurement

Aircraft make sound, we all hear them and see them. But there are some restrictions on how much sound they can make. (Details on FAA Noise Levels, Stages, and Phaseouts | Federal Aviation Administration)

Sound pollution is something I think we should add to Infinite Flight to add realism, it shouldn’t be required but something optional pilots may choose to utilize as well as VA’s. The idea is to add some sort of measurement you could have on the selection barrier at the bottom of the screen. If Infinite Flight want to they could add sound restrictions at airports as some airports have their additional requirements. “Pilots adhere to any additional airport-specific noise abatement procedures”
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Sounds interesting, but also quite complicated…
What would happen if the procedures aren’t followed? A violation?

No it’s optional, so you can choose to ignore it without getting a violation

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Then there would be decreased realism. There would have to be some sort of punishment for restrictions like this.

Not necessarily. People who want to be as realistic as possible will follow the procedures whether they are or aren’t strictly enforced, but those who aren’t interested can simply turn the feature off.

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Exactly! That was the idea of it being optional

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Hm. I see. In that case, that WOULD be quite interesting…

Don’t forget to vote for your own feature ;)

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hahah I ye you’re right, I forgot. Was too caught up in something else