Noise abatement takeoff

IRL, some airport need planes to do that, but do you guys in IF really care about the earrape you make on takeoffs? I obviously don’t because you can’t ask a fighter to be quiet since we need the exhaust air velocity from the core.

Not really, no. Don’t tell anyone but I sometimes full thust it showing no regard for the wear on the engines or the poor sods below on the ground 🙊


Of course I care. See, I always connect my iPad to a highend sound system with multiple amplifiers to get a realistic sound level at around 120dB. Without the noice abatement takeoff procedure, my neighbors would probably complain.


if IF one day add Saturn 5 your neighbour would call the police. 220dB.

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I’ve enjoyed this one time when we had an active ATC controller, he allowed pattern work so …here I am sitting in the F16c asking for take off doing pattern work.

I get approved - take off, made scenic turn and then announced my touch and go.

Allowed the fighter to glide without much thrust and as I was getting closer to the runway I pushed the engine to 98% and the sound was absolutely great!!

I did that a couple of times then I decided to give the ATC some quiet peace;)

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The residents of the IF planet enjoy the noise


IRL there are areas that are picky about it and there are established practices. You can try it for fun I guess.

Quick story… Denver residents used to complain about all the traffic and noise going in and out of Centennial… Okay, we will fix that. Lets build a giant Int’l airport way east of the metro area. What happens? Businesses start to pop up around new airport, followed shortly by neighborhoods and developments. Guess what? Tons of people around airport now complain about noise. 🤣

If you don’t like noise, don’t buy a house nearby apparently isn’t a viable solution. 🤔

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Na idc, I just blast off hehe

If i know of a pattern used for noise abatement I use it. there is one in charlotte for departures going north due to church and resident complaints from when the airport was young so yeah i think its fine.

Most of time I will take off with reduced thrust. That won’t be to fast after takeoff.

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I usually reduce thrust at around 1500ft. When you take off, you want around 90% N1, and maintain that. Once you rotate, rotate to around 15 degrees or when your speed flatens out. At 1500 feet or so, tilt your nose down and reduce thrust to gain speed.

Some SIDs, STARs, Approaches etc have noise abatement rules, like the DEDKI4 off of Toronto. You start your turn only after 3600. Some approaches are made for avoiding noise like Parkway Visual into 13L/R at KJFK

virtualBlue has some great tutorials like this on our youtube channel

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I (almost) always keep a normal n1% on t/o, but haven’t really tried to follow noise abatement procedures before. Saw this post earlier today and thought I’d give it a try - just departed JFK for EFHK and took the time/effort to follow the noise abatement procedures - was very enjoyable, added some of that realism we are always talking about, and also added a little more work on the pilot which is nice.

Thanks for the post, always fun to try something different to add a little more to the flight.

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