Nobody Talks About the 777x?

Can we just talk about one of the most revolutionary aircraft to ever grace the world of aviation?
Boeing said it has farther range than other competitors (A359)
I’ve seen many posts about the A350 but why does nobody talk about the 777x, which Boeing just sold 150 to Emirates for $76 billion?


Because 777x is too cool to be mentioned.


I would love it if the 777X is added, but it’s not even being built yet.

@Giacomo_Lawrance True, and to be honest I think it’s Boeing’s ‘adaption’ of the A350

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What’s a 777x?

What’s a boeing?

-waits for someone to roast me-



It’s the next 777 variants, with folding wing tips.

The 777x is the thing thats sending the A350 to the airplane grave.
insert evil laugh


@Solgen And the A380

And every airbus except for the Concorde

Explain further.

Because I dreamt about it.

Dreams stay dreams.

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But 777x is

  1. Looks Cooler
  2. Looks Bigger
  3. Looks newer
  4. Is in fact newer
  5. Has around if not the same range as A350-900(for the 9x since 8x has more range)
  6. Has more payload
  7. Dem folding wings
  8. Nothing Else to say

Nobody talk about 737 max too.

Becuz 737 max is also cooler than the A320neo


1-3: Everyone’s own opinion.
4: It’s not newer. It doesn’t exist yet.
5: Don’t see why it’s putting the A350 in the airplane grave then.
6: Ridicolous
7: It can’t get much uglier.
8: Ok.

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How is that an argument?

It does have wider wings than a 788

Becuz the word Max sounds cool in my opinion
insert sad face

How is “Because the Boeing 737 MAX is cooler than the A320neo” an answer “Why does nobody talk about the 737 MAX?”