Nobody On Expert

I have been Grade 3 for awhile and have been meaning to fly in expert. My one problem is that I can never find a place where there is a decent amount of flights and also atc. I will see maybe 1 or two MAX in popular airports like EGLL, KLAX,KSFO, etc. Am I just not searching hard enough or has expert died off?


Do you check LiveFlight to see where everyone is?


Maybe you live in a dead timezone? Most airports are empty for me because most people in Europe and America are sleeping while I’m awake.


@Levet is right, you can check the app LiveFlight to see where everyone is. You’ll see a cluster of planes, not as big as TS1 or Casual but still big enough to be visible

Hi there
Usually people on the expert server like to fly where there is manned ATC. IFATC will be controlling different areas on different days. Here is where you can find out where they are so you can find more people:



Expert server is best when there are events. Otherwise, training server is usually much more fun. Even with less experienced people. is this the website because that is what I just check and I cant see any1

I am in Eastern Canada. I don’t think I am in a dead timezone


I’m flying right now and I’m not alone.

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You clearly have never tried to cross the Atlantic on TS

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Numerous times buddy. I even use Casual server if I don’t expect ATC so I don’t get violations if anything bad happens.

How would I check how many people are on expert? Any websites meant for that?

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Liveflight is where you need to go. You can search servers in the upper left hand box. ;)

The link you provided has a ton of people flying on Expert V2 right now.

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Australia is going to be booming with traffic soon.

I suggest looking at the whole world. That way you can see the whole picture and choose an area or airport to fly at where you see the highest density of aircraft. Also use the expert server ATC controlling schedule.

Thank you for the help!

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Most people are around Hong Kong right now, that’s what I’ve been seeing.

I am probably going to head out to Australia in a bit!

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