Nobody listens to ATCs on the Playground Server

I really like being an ATC but it’s so annoying that some players just don’t follow the instructions you give them. The most popular example may be to do a 360 or to hold short. I get that this may be boring for some but with 3 planes on final I just can’t let them take off. Why don’t they just respect this? When they don’t want ATCs and rules they can just go to the free server. And another thing: there is no way to do something about these players except for telling them to follow instructions!


This has been discussed before. I’m sorry but there’s just nothing we can do. Just move to the Advanced Server.


There could be something to do. In fact you would have to give ATCs a way to ghost planes just like on the advanced server. To prevent people doing this for fun the system should automatically ask planes nearby if the ghosting was appropriate. Do you get my point?

And yeah, I would love to play on the advanced server but most of the time there are no active ATCs on this server and when there are ATCs active, then mostly on the Caribbean region which i don’t own.

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Actually the Caribbean region is one of the least used regions on the Advanced Server. There is a lot of active ATC, even more recently as more people are recruited.

Justifying ghosts would take too much time, and at he end of the day it is a “playground”.

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No, that’s wrong. We change the regions normally after some hours of controlling. And normally we have a lot frequencies on, but we’re also normal guys who have to work or go to school, so we can’t have frequencies on for 24/7. Look at the Hawaii region, it’s full staffed at the moment 😊

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If controllers on the playground were given the ability to ghost nimrods who don’t follow instructions, then those nimrods could just hop onto ATC and ghost everyone for no reason. A ghosting option on the playground would be abused. Its called the playground so anyone can try out the ATC features, wether that be controlling or flying into controlled airspace.

I get it … but there must be SOME way to punish them.


Use the report button, its essential. 3 reports and they’re ghosted. There isn’t really any other viable solution at the moment.

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Just look how many ATCs are on the playground server all the time. This should be the same for the advanced one.

I can’t use it as a ATC and don’t even know why

Don’t control in SoCal. Fly in a lightly populated region, preferably payed. That is the easiest way to get rid of them.


Yes but the controllers on the playground will not (always) provide a quality service and are usually tied to Southern California. Us advanced controllers move around regions daily and provide a quality service.

But I really like when there are lots of planes around me and stuff is going on. Otherwise I could just play in solo mode :D

I actually started this topic because I was just controlling at KSAN

You can report as ATC. Under “Report User” menu it should say controller rating to low to report (or something similar), click this message. It may not show a confirmation message but you have reported the player.

I didn’t know that. Thanks! And thanks for being an ATC!

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Yes, but the controllers on PG usually don’t have some plan what to do. We had to make a test :)

My advice would be to control at smaller airports or different regions as most nimrods on the PG server fly into KLAX / KSAN etc. Maybe try London if you have it. And keep practicing! You could then try and become an advanced controller one day and wouldn’t have this problem :)

I have to mention I had a really nice KNUC (usually popular for non-instructions-following pilots) session. It was semi-busy, around 9:00 Zulu Time and I only had 2 pilots that either totally did not know what to do or just did not want to follow instructions. The other pilots were professional and really followed instructions, on Playground, at KNUC! I was not even prepared for that. PG are not always retarded, but you need a lot of luck before you find good ones.

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There are about 200 users allowed to control on Advanced, but I’ve hardly ever seen more than 10 active frequencies at the same time.